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Anti-Semites have a message for Jews in the Diaspora, but some people just don't understand it.

Anti-Semites in Paris beat up a 59-year-old teacher wearing a kippa after he walked out of a kosher restaurant last week, the European Jewish Press (EJP) reported Monday.

The man was hospitalized for facial injuries after he was insulted and attacked by three thugs whom the victim described as ‘’young, wearing light colored hats dressed in jeans and of North African origin.”


Three days earlier, thousands of people rallied in central Paris against anti-Semitism.

The attackers started shouted at him, ” Death to the Jews, dirty Jew, dirty son of a b—–,’’ as well as expressions in Arabic he didn’t understood.

They “hit him several times in the face before opening his shirt to draw on his chest with a marker a swastika,’’ a source close to the police investigation said. The attackers fled after an elderly person appeared on the scene.

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe condemned the aggression. ”This act of unspeakable cowardice is a betrayal of the foundation of the Republic and the values of Paris,’’ he said in a press statement. The anti-Semitic incident comes three days after around 10,000 people gathered in Paris, at the initiative of CRIF, the umbrella group of Jewish organizations in France, to say ‘’no to Jew-hatred’’ as they commemorate the murder two years ago of four people, including three children, in a Jewish school in Toulouse.



  1. Perhaps we will all have to leave the places we have lived for many generations. But keep in mind we have outlived and outlasted many peoples, Romans, Christians, Nazi Christians, Muslims in Europe and America. American Jews are under the delusion that they are safe here if they are in larger populations of Jews. Perhaps. But one thing is certain wherever we are, be ready to fight. My Christian “neighbors” (located nearby) respect me in that they know I will gladly defend myself and other Jews in any way and degree that will help them understand and any assault whether it be physical or spiritual will be met severely and with extreme prejudice. If I were in Israel it would be anyone there also doing the same. When I say never again it means I value the lives of Jews over theirs and will act accordingly—I’ll kill you first before you kill us. Make them afraid.

  2. This should include Jews hating other Jews for WHATEVER reason! Something that gets pushed under the rug a lot. The consequences of the diaspora on the Jews and individual families have been utterly devastating over the last 2000 plus years. Many Jews who are looked down on by other Jews or say they aren’t Jews because of whatever. Using ones Jewish status against them is just as wrong and prejudiced. Jews persecute Jews a little TOO much. Its wrong. I don’t care what rabbi’s or the state or Israel says.

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