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President Joe Biden, joined by fellow-traveler, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, July 14, 2021.

Senator Chuck Schumer on Thursday announced with stunning grandiosity: “My last name is Schumer, which derives from the Hebrew word Shomer, or ‘guardian.’ … As the first Jewish Majority Leader of the United States Senate, and the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in America ever, I also feel very keenly my responsibility as Shomer Yisroel — a guardian of the People of Israel.”

“Shomer Israel” is the title of a penitential poem that is said at the end of the “Tachnun” (Supplication) sequence on most weekdays, during the Shacharit and Mincha prayers. It does not refer to the Senate majority leader, not even a little bit. That the son of an exterminator from Midwood, Brooklyn, would place himself on the same level as, you know, Shomer Israel, is problematic, to put it delicately.


Schumer is wrong about the etymology of his name, by the way. I looked it up. Oxford’s revised and expanded second edition of the Dictionary of American Family Names suggests Schumer comes from Swiss German: probably an occupational name for a dairyman from his activity of milking cows, which produces foam, from Middle High German schūm. Also: from Middle Low German, Schumer means “good-for-nothing, vagabond.”

Wiki suggests the surname Schumer was an occupational name for a cobbler. The name Schumer is derived from the Old German words “schuoch” and the suffix “mann,” which means shoemaker.


Republican Jewish Coalition CEO Matt Brooks went with the vagabond option, probably because dairymen and shoemakers hold dignified professions, and being a mouthpiece for the White House at a time when your nation needs you most is not.

“Senator Schumer has frequently described himself as the so-called ‘Shomer,’ or guardian, of the Jewish people – let there be no doubt that his remarks today were a ‘Shanda,’ a disgrace,” Brooks emailed the entire Western world.

Brooks expressed the view of the majority of Israelis, and possibly that of American Jews when he noted:

“This morning, taking a page from the 2015 Obama playbook, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, delivered a speech in which he demanded that Israel’s democratically-elected government be evicted from power and replaced by one more to his liking.

“Senator Schumer crossed a real red line. It is outrageous and unacceptable to meddle in Israel’s domestic politics by demanding that a democratic ally hold elections on our timetable, particularly when the Jewish state is fighting for its very survival.”


Schumer aimed his poison arrows at one man, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A hit man for President Biden, Schumer focused the blame on Netanyahu, “who in recent weeks has said out loud repeatedly what many have long suspected by outright rejecting the idea of Palestinian statehood and sovereignty.”

On February 20, 99 MKs voted against unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State. The majority of Zionist House members supported the bill, with the Labor Party abstaining from the vote. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrated the near-unanimous vote, saying, “I congratulate the members of the Knesset, including from the opposition, who voted with an overwhelming majority in favor of my proposal that Israel oppose being unilaterally ordered to establish a Palestinian state.”

You’ll have to search high and low for a minyan of Israeli Jews who today support the two-state solution. The rejection of US efforts to impose it on Israel even as it is fighting for its survival is overwhelming. You couldn’t get 99 MKs to support unanimously giving little old ladies an extra five minutes to cross the street. Why did Schumer exhibit such a myopic vision as to ignore the wishes of virtually the entire Israeli nation and expect that they would replace Netanyahu in favor of a prime minister eager to surround the country with terrorist states?

President Joe Biden with Senator Chuck Schumer at the oval office, October 31, 2023. / Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz


My own shock at Schumer’s becoming Biden’s lapdog had to do with his brave stand back in 2015 against President Obama and the Iran nuclear deal.

On August 6, 2015, Schumer announced his opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran. The Obama White House preempted him, leaking the news before the Senator had a chance to make headlines himself. Obama lackeys attacked Schumer from every direction, accusing him of ignorance of the details of the deal. And White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest vowed that the Democrats would remember Schumer’s betrayal when he seeks to become their next majority leader.

Schumer took it on the chin and didn’t back off, against the arguably most popular Democratic president in the 21st century. And the man whose staunch stand against the Iran deal Schumer was supporting as a good ally should, was Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nine years later, the same Chuck Schumer declares: “At this critical juncture, I believe a new election is the only way to allow for a healthy and open decision-making process about the future of Israel, at a time when so many Israelis have lost their confidence in the vision and direction of their government.”

“I also believe a majority of the Israeli public will recognize the need for change, and I believe that holding a new election once the war starts to wind down would give Israelis an opportunity to express their vision for the post-war future.”


Schumer infuriated AIPAC, the Jewish lobby that marks the absolute center of Jewish American politics, mostly because they pay almost everybody on either side of the aisle:

“Israel is an independent democracy that decides for itself when elections are held and chooses its own leaders. America must continue to stand with our ally Israel and ensure it has the time and resources it needs to win this war. Hamas bears sole responsibility for this conflict. The hope for a brighter future for the Middle East begins with Israel’s decisive defeat of Hamas.”

And this is where the knife went into the back, not of Netanyahu, but of Israel:

“At this critical juncture, I believe a new election is the only way to allow for a healthy and open decision-making process about the future of Israel, at a time when so many Israelis have lost their confidence in the vision and direction of their government. … If Prime Minister Netanyahu’s current coalition remains in power after the war begins to wind down … then the United States will have no choice but to play a more active role in shaping Israeli policy by using our leverage to change the present course.

“The United States’ bond with Israel is unbreakable, but if extremists continue to unduly influence Israeli policy, then the Administration should use the tools at its disposal to make sure our support for Israel is aligned with our broader goal of achieving long-term peace and stability in the region.

“I believe this would make a lasting two-state solution more likely.”


It always was and always will be the two-state solution.

Back in 5727, the Almighty granted the nation of Israel a magnificent gift: in less than one week, He, blessed be His Name, completed the Zionist endeavor of the previous 100 years by giving us all of Biblical Israel west of the Jordan River. Our leaders refused to annex the liberated territories for a variety of reasons, none of them substantial. They eventually annexed all of Jerusalem and its environs, and the Golan Heights, but they failed to unify the country with the regions of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

It was never going to be an easy feat to go against the galvanized will of virtually all the gentile nations as well as the anti-Zionist Israelis, that the Jews must never reacquire their Biblical lands. It’s not going to be easy now. But I venture to say that if Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition fail once again to annex those three Biblical regions, the Gentiles will tear them away, by force if necessary.

And by Gentiles I mean Chuck Schumer.


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