Photo Credit: Courtesy Circle of Likud Movement Loyalists
Sergio Kovansky (hat) Chairman of the Likud South Africa

Sergio Kovansky, the World Likud chairman in South Africa, was killed on Monday at the entrance to his air-conditioning plant in Johannesburg after being shot several times, Ma’ariv reported Friday.

Yaakov Hagoel, chairman of the World Likud, said the murder was apparently carried out following Kovansky’s decision to fire many of his employees because of his financial trouble. South African police arrested several suspects and continues to investigate. It is believed that the murder was not a robbery gone wrong, since the shooter did not steal Kovansky’s car, wallet or cellular phone.


Kovansky was born in Argentina in 1951, and after immigrating to Israel met a Jewish woman from South Africa and married her. They moved to South Africa, where Kovansky was active in both the Jewish community and the Likud. In the past two years, he served as World Likud chairman in South Africa.

His body arrived in Israel early Friday morning, to be buried in Be’er Sheva, where his relatives live. He left behind his wife, Alison and their three children: Michal, Doron and Johnny.


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