Photo Credit: Yoav Dudkevitch/TPS
From right, Foreign Minister Israel Katz, War Cabinet member Benny Gantz, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and outgoing Foreign Minister Eli Cohen at the Knesset in Jerusalem on Dec. 25, 2023.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz issued a statement praising the decision made on Friday by the Council of the European Union to adopt a dedicated sanctions regime against Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This will allow for the freezing of assets and the imposition of movement restrictions against Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists and their supporters within the EU.

“This is another important step by the European Union in the fight against Palestinian terrorist organizations that proves that Hamas and Islamic Jihad pose a danger not only to Israel but to the entire world,” said Katz.


“The massacre on October 7 presented to the whole world the monstrosity of the terrorist organizations and the necessity of fighting terrorism in all arenas, including the international political arena,” he added.

Katz also congratulated the Israeli diplomats at the Israeli embassy to the EU, in Brussels and in all European capitals for their activities in recent months promote the adoption of such political, economic and legal moves against the Arab terrorist organizations.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it maintains a “continuous dialogue” with the institutions of the EU and “leading nations” to promote implementation of new policies against “Hamas activities in Europe, the thwarting of terror funding axes, and anti-incitement activities.”


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