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Rene Hadjaj, 90, was thrown out his apartment window in Lyon, France by his Muslim neighbor.

A Jewish man, René Hadjaj, 90, was thrown out his apartment window on the 17th floor of a building in Lyon, Frabce, by his Muslim neighbor, according to a Saturday Facebook post by Meyer Habib, who serves as a member of the French National Assembly, representing the eighth constituency for French residents overseas.

“What are the motives?” asked Habib, and answered: “Without having all the details of this case, many see a sad similarity with the Sarah Halimi case, which at the time was passed over in silence.”


Sarah Halimi was a retired French doctor and schoolteacher who was attacked and killed in her apartment by her neighbor on April 4, 2017. Halimi was the only Jewish resident in her building, and her assailant, Kobili Traoré, shouted “Allahu akbar” during the attack and later proclaimed “I killed the Shaitan (an Arab version of Lilith – DI).”

“Anyway, the defenestration of a man from the 17th floor is an absolute and unbearable drama,” wrote Habib, who has been serving on the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs since 2013.

“The emotion begins to rise … at this stage, I remain very cautious not having all the details in my possession,” Habib continued. “Why was he defenestrated? Was it a dispute between neighbors? Was his defenestration antisemitic? I contacted the Minister of the Interior,” he added, and said the government official urged “that caution, vigilance and the desire to shed light on this affair, which at this stage has received very little media attention, must take precedence.”

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