German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer on Thursday announced he was banning all Hezbollah activities in that country, and classifying the group as a terrorist organization

as ministry spokesman Steve Alter Steve Alter tweeted: “BM #Seehofer today banned the operation of the Shiite terrorist organization Hizb Allah (Party of God) in Germany. Police measures have been taking place in several federal states at the same time since the early hours of the morning. The rule of law can be used in times of crisis.”


According to Deutsche Welle, the police raids are focused on four mosque-based associations in Berlin, Dortmund, Bremen and Münster, which are accused of belonging to Hezbollah.

David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee, tweeted his congratulations to the German government, saying: “This is a welcome, much-anticipated, and significant German decision… We now hope other EU nations will take a close look at Germany’s decision and reach the same conclusion about the true nature of Hezbollah.”

Ali Alqysy, founder of the American-Iranian Occupation Victims Prison Association, tweeted: “Hezbollah is a terrorist organization with National Socialist ideas that supports right-wing extremist organizations that deal with drugs.”


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