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This handsome sticker celebrating the marriage of Holocaust horrors and modern-day vulgarity will run you $3.34

According to the Munich, Germany municipality, you can no longer demonstrate against government health policies with a “Judenstern” – the infamous Jewish yellow star bade on your arm.

Protesters against social distancing rules in Germany have recently taken to wearing yellow stars—which were originally adorned by the word “Jude” to identify the wearer as a sub-human under Nazi doctrine, but now the same yellow stars say “Ungeimpft,” meaning “unvaccinated.” The same protesters also carry signs that say, “Impfen macht frei,” a reference to the infamous sign above the entrance to the death camp in Auschwitz, but with vaccinations.


The protesters borrow the Holocaust imagery to suggest German health authorities follow in the footsteps (goose steps?) of the Hitler regime when they impose mandatory coronavirus vaccines, because, as we all remember all too well, this is what the Nazis did to Jews – force vaccinated them.

There’s another couple of problems with the above paragraph, other than the oh-so-German kitsch and vulgarity of making such broad comparisons: 1. The German government doesn’t have coronavirus vaccines, we all wish they, or anybody, really, had one, but they don’t; and, 2. The German government does not have a program to force vaccinations once they do get them.

Felix Klein, Germany’s anti-anti-Semitism Czar, said that wearing the Jewish stars with the insane/crude substitute was nothing more than a “calculated breaking of a taboo,” to get people riled up. And Rüdiger Erben, a Social Democrat MP from Saxony-Anhalt, said anyone who wears one of those upgraded stars is “an anti-Semite of the most repulsive kind.”

So from now on, if you wear one of those yellow badges in Munich, the cops will pick you up and you’ll pay a fine. Just like in the Holocaust.


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