Photo Credit: MDA Spokesperson
MDA team at the site of a rocket hit, October 7, 2023.

At 6:29 Shabbat morning, alarms were sounded in southern and central Israel, and in the subsequent hours, the Magen David Adom teams, using ambulances and bullet-proof mobile intensive care units, managed to reach numerous sites and tend to the wounded. This includes an MDA staff member who was seriously injured by terrorists’ gunfire directed at the ambulance.

MDA team at the site of a rocket hit, October 7, 2023. / MDA Spokesperson

As of now, MDA teams continue to attend scenes with ambulances and intensive care units to access further incident sites and administer aid to the injured. Since dawn, MDA teams have attended to many scenes with casualties ranging from deceased, seriously wounded, and moderately hurt, to lightly injured Israelis. MDA units across Israel remain on high alert, striving to reach all victims in every location.

MDA mobile intensive care unit, October 7, 2023 / MDA Spokesperson

MDA’s blood services have raised an alarm over the acute shortage of blood units, specifically an urgent need for type O. To address this, from 10:30 onwards, thousands of blood donations have been given in Tel Aviv at the Ichilov Medical Center Hospital, the MDA station in Jerusalem, and the MDA station in Haifa.

For any medical emergency, dial 101.

Since the early hours of Shabbat morning, hundreds of United Hatzalah paramedics, doctors, and EMTs have been providing lifesaving medical care on various battlefields in the southern region and have unfortunately had to pronounce many of the injured dead.

A UH logistics division truck transported some of the deceased to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv.

United Hatzalah team collecting the body of an Israeli killed by terrorists, October 7, 2023. / United Hatzalah

Approximately 100 rescue vehicles, ambulances, and mobile intensive care units, as well as armored vests, helmets, and a significant amount of medical equipment and personnel, were dispatched from the north and center to different areas in the south.

The medevac helicopters of United Hatzalah and Lahak Aviation evacuated some of the injured to hospitals in central Israel and United Hatzalah teams scattered across southern Israel provided initial treatment to hundreds of victims with varying degrees of injury.

United Hatzalah team treating an injured Israeli, October 7, 2023. / United Hatzalah

The CEO of United Hatzalah has ordered the organization to raise its preparedness to its highest level, reinforce the response to routine calls, and switch the sound of ambulance sirens to a sound that does not resemble the sound of air-raid sirens.


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