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King Abdullah II

According to Jordanian news website, the King of Jordan, King Abdullah II, has stated that Amman would accept the results of the Israeli investigation into the case of an Israeli embassy guard who killed two Jordanians—one in self-defense, the other by mistake—”whether the guard was acquitted or convicted.”

Last week, the Jordanian monarch told a number of leaders of Jewish organizations he met in New York on the sidelines of his meetings with the UN General Assembly that he is interested in ending the case of the Israeli Embassy in Amman, as soon as possible.


The website pointed out that the king appeared upset with the “low-level of seriousness” with which the Israeli government has dealt with the events at the embassy.

The Jordanian authorities earlier rejected an Israeli request to return the Israeli diplomatic mission to the embassy in Amman, and conditioned renewing relations on Israeli judicial authorities taking legal steps against the embassy guard accused of killing Jordanian citizens.

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