Photo Credit: Pink Floyd via Wikimedia
(L-R) Nick Mason, Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and David Gilmour (seated).

So it turns out that guitarist David Gilmour, who used to be Roger Waters’ co-lead vocalist during their Pink Floyd years, starting in 1968, has banished the anti-Semitic, Israel hating, BDS promoting lout from the band’s website and its Facebook page. As Waters tweeted: “An announcement from me. And when I mention the @pinkfloyd website, I also mean the Facebook page and all the rest.”

Notice: The video below was not vetted. Please do not play it if unrestrained speech of any kind would upset you.


Waters is upset because Gilmour thinks he is irrelevant and banned the mention of Waters’ solo projects from the band’s website and Facebook page, while the projects of Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson, are promoted.

Waters’s video says he and Gilmour could “just change the name of the band to Spinal Tap, and then everything will be hunky dory,” then adds, “All right, I’m not gonna get all weird and sarcastic, although as you know, that is a direction in which I am known to sometimes lean temperamentally.”

Mean and nasty, too, don’t forget mean and nasty.

Here’s a minute or so of “This Is Spinal Tap…

Waters claimed the Pink Floyd website banned his “Mother” video on David Gilmour’s order, and complained: “Why is this video not available on a website that calls itself the Pink Floyd website? Well the answer to that is because nothing from me is on the website. I am banned by David Gilmour from the website.”


So far, David Gilmour and Polly Samson have ignored Roger Waters’ angry reproaches, and posted a lovely picture of the two of them on a Greek island (I think – DI). Check out the photo here.

On November 25, 2019, to celebrate the December 13 release of Pink Floyd The Later Years, David Gilmour gave his only interview to BBC Radio, which was published as a podcast series titled, “The Lost Art of Conversation.”

In the series, Gilmour discusses reassembling Pink Floyd after Roger Waters’ departure, as well as the legal battles, the 80s, 90s politics and The Big Spliff.

In February 2020, B’nai B’rith criticized the showing of ads for Waters’ This Is Not a Drill concert series by Major League Baseball, which sponsored his US tour. B’nai B’rith wrote Commissioner Rob Manfred and recited Waters’ vicious attacks on Israel which they insisted “far exceed the boundaries of civil discourse.” The league stopped running the tour ads on all its platforms and cut its ties to Waters.

Let’s hope he just keeps getting BDSed for as long as music lovers cherish blues singers/musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, may their memory be blessed.


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