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Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Traditionally, Munich is the place where peace agreements go to die, to be replaced by horrific war. So we shouldn’t envy Defense Minister Benny Gantz for finding himself in Munich, as a security conference, days before the Western allies are about to sign yet another meaningless peace deal with the world’s worst warmonger – this time it’s Iran.

“We are currently in a critical period for global security, as well as for stability and peace in the Middle East,” Gantz told some 350 senior figures from more than 70 countries around the world. “Iranian aggression is rising – not just in the nuclear program but also in its regional attacks. Iran takes over failed states, forcing them to defend Iranian interests while committing severe human rights violations. We view with great concern the attacks conducted against our partners in the region – attacks that according to our assessments are being carried out under the guidance and approval of Iranian leadership, employing weapons – some of which are produced in Iran, and implementing operational know-how gained in Iran.
We also see what is happening in Iraq, where Iran is currently trying to intervene with its Quds force in centers of influence, despite the loss of their supporters in the elections.
Iran exploits civilian flights from Tehran to Damascus International Airport to transport weapons under the illusion of civilian equipment. Iran also endangers the lives of innocent civilians by transferring weapons in containers that arrive in the port of Latakia.
Iran violates the freedom of navigation. Even worse – Iranian UAV attacks have claimed innocent lives, such as the British and Romanian civilians killed in the Mercer Street Attack off the Gulf Coast.
Iran also endangers civilian flights, which could be hit by UAVs that cannot change course.
Iran is responsible for arming proxies in Lebanon and undermining the country’s governance. Just last week, in Israel we saw a number of Hezbollah attempts to violate Israel’s sovereignty.
In this context – I have a clear message for Hezbollah: their operatives are familiar with the noise made by our airplanes, and with their capabilities. If we are required to respond and to attack in order to defend ourselves, we will do so and we will cause great damage to the terror organization and its surroundings.
The state of Lebanon will, unfortunately, have to be held responsible. We will not hesitate to act anytime and anywhere to ensure Israel’s security.
In facing such challenges, we must stand strong, united, determined. A nuclear deal, if signed with Iran – does not mark the end of the road. Action must be taken to ensure that Iran does not continue to enrich in additional facilities, and oversight must be increased. It is essential that the IAEA continue to investigate and monitor the open files. We must ensure that the advanced centrifuges are not found in other facilities. The development of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads must be stopped.
It is critical that the sunset clause is not understood as an expiration date that enables Iran to revisit its nuclear ambitions. All steps must be taken to ensure that Iran never becomes a nuclear-threshold state. The world must never come to terms with it and Israel will never come to terms with it.”

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