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Poster calling for rally to get Gallant sacked.

A group calling itself the “Miluimnikim” (reservists) is planning a rally in front of the Azrieli Towers on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv on Thursday at 7 PM.

On Wednesday, the group stated:

“The same Minister of Defense who was on duty on October 7 chooses to continue with the deadly conceptzia for which we paid with the blood of our brothers, about 1,500 dead.
“But no more – we will not be the silver platter on which the Palestinian State will be served.
“Only those who fought in Gaza, like us, know that the population in Gaza wants the destruction of Israel and it doesn’t matter if the enemy is called Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, the Islamic Jihad, or ISIS.
“The only solution is the recovery of territory, the return of the refugees, and the return of deterrence. Whoever does not understand this and chooses to abandon Israel, let him return the keys tonight.”

The Miluimnikm were referring to Wednesday’s speech by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in which he openly contradicted Netanyahu’s position on who would rule Gaza on the day after the war, advocating for the PA to take over the strip (Netanyahu: Dermer and I the Only War Cabinet Members Who Stopped a PA Takeover of Rafah Crossing).

“The day after Hamas will only be achieved through the control of Palestinian elements that will be an alternative to Hamas,” Gallant insisted, warning that “This is in Israel’s interest. Not making a decision means actually choosing one of the worst alternatives.”

Gallant believes there are only two alternatives to the PA rule: either Israel imposes a military occupation in Gaza for the foreseeable future, which would draw enormous resources from an already depleted military budget; or Hamas would continue to rule, presumably with IDF raids each time a terrorist activity is detected.

And so, the reservists who fought and are still fighting in Gaza have decided to demand Gallant’s resignation. If enough Israelis show up, PM Netanyahu might discover the nerve to sack the man who gave us October 7.


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