Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Shin Bet
Amin Yassin (R) and Ali Armush

The Haifa district attorney’s office on Thursday morning filed with the city district court an indictment against Ali Armush, 28, and Amin Yassin, 22, of Tamra, an Arab city in the Lower Galilee, some 12 miles east of Acre, for security violations, as well as conspiracy to organize training in terrorist acts and other services on behalf of a terrorist organization—ISIS, and other offenses.

Yassin is a medical student in Slovakia.


The facts of the indictment indicate that during 2014, Ali and Amin supported the Islamic State—ISIS, which has been designated as a most extreme terrorist organization under the orders for the prevention of terrorism.

In 2018, as part of their activities, the two contacted the organization’s activists, and conveyed content and messages related to the organization through the app Telegram.

The two have apparently also conspired to murder Amin’s cousin, who had served as a soldier in the US Army and the two suspected him of participating in the killing of Muslims during his military service in Afghanistan.

In addition, the defendants discussed their desire to blow up a car bomb in the center of a Jewish city in Israel.

The prosecution has asked the court to remand both suspects to prison for the duration of their legal proceedings.

Their Shin Bet interrogation revealed that the two downloaded numerous files containing substantial contents of the Islamic State, including training manuals and methods of preparing weapons and carrying out terrorist attacks, as part of a plot for a jihad at an appropriate time.

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