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A news poll published Thursday morning by Kan 11 News shows that Blue&White and the center-left-Arabs bloc maintain a slight advantage over the Likud and the rightwing-Haredi bloc.

According to the survey, conducted by the Kantar Institute, Blue&White will get 35 seats while Likud will get 31. The center-left-Arab bloc will receive 57 seats, the rightwing-Haredi bloc 55, and Avigdor Liberman’s Israel Beiteinu 8. Liberman takes one seat from Blue&White, compared to last week’s survey results.


These are Thursday morning’s Kan 11 results:

Blue&White – 35
Likud – 31
Joint Arab List – 13
Labor-Meretz – 9
Yamina – 8
Shas – 8
United Torah Judaism – 8
Liberman – 8

Itamar Ben-Gvir’s Otzma Yehudit does not cross the 3.25% vote threshold, getting only 1.9% of respondents’ votes in this survey. This means that had Ben-Gvir agreed to leave the campaign and recommend to his voters to vote for Yamina (of course, he would have to be an ego-free tzadik to accomplish this nice gesture) the new rightwing coalition could reach 10 seats to become the fourth largest party in the 23rd Knesset.

The survey examined the chances of all the 30 lists running this time, with the Economic Dawn Party getting 0.45%, The Power to Impact 0.44%, Tzomet 0.2%, Judicial Justice 0.15%, and Women’s Voice 0.14%.

The survey’s initial national sample included 2,618 Israelis age 18+, out of whom a representative sample of 500 was chosen. The survey was conducted over the Internet, with a +-4.5% margin of error.


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