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Bezalel Smotrich

“If the Likud fails in assembling a nationalist government, it would be because it is wasting the precious days when it has the mandate in dangerous and hopeless directions,” Religious Zionism chairman Bezalel Smotrich tweeted Friday morning, adding, “I will not support the suicide of the right and the State of Israel with the formation out of nearsightedness of an unruly government that would depend on anti-Zionist supporters of terrorism and turn all of us into hostages.”


On the eve of Independence Day, Smotrich wrote Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his fierce opponent MK Gideon Sa’ar, noting that they and the country are at a crossroads “where we are required to choose whether we will get along, overcome baseless hatred and past resentments, and rise to meet the challenge of taking our future into our own hands, or let hatred will prevail, God forbid, and with our own hands entrust our fate to our enemies and hand them the keys to the government.”

Smotrich continued: “Mr. Prime Minister, my friend Gideon Sa’ar, Choose life! You must. For the sake of the people living in Zion. For the sake of His name with love. Let’s choose together correctly. Let’s keep our future in our hands. Let us, Jews, learn to get along with each other and not leave the keys to our future in the hands of our enemies who rise against us uttering lip service.”

“I plead with you from the bottom of my heart, give this good nation an Independence Day gift and meet today. Yes, today […] fix your differences, listen together to the wings of history and prove that you deserve them,” Smotrich called on the two leaders, pledging in advance to support any arrangement they reach together.

“It’s in your hands,” Smotrich concluded, “Save the State of Israel, and don’t miss the moment.”


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