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MK Ben Gvir sits on the floor defying Islamist Committee Chairman he blamed for Be’er Sheva murders, March 23, 2022.

The Knesset Interior Committee’s Wednesday session was interrupted after MK Ben Gvir (Otzma Yehudit) sat down on the floor and attacked committee chairman Walid Taha (Ra’am): “The blood of the residents of the Negev is on your hands, you incited in the Negev.”

Ben Gvir did not let Chairman Taha speak and the committee’s session was stopped.


Speaking earlier, Ben Gvir mentioned that on this difficult day after Tuesday’s attack in Be’er Sheva, Chairman Taha had no legitimacy to run the committee, because Taha is the biggest instigator against the State of Israel.

In 2012, Walid Taha, who was head of the Islamist Movement in his town of Kafr Qassem, visited a Hamas terrorist following his release from prison and refused to condemn the terror group.

In 2013, Taha visited the family of the terrorists who carried out the Night of the Pitchforks in which three IDF soldiers were murdered.

In 2018, Taha posted in support of Syria: “My brother, raise the Syrian flag over the house all year round, waving the flag on Memorial Day for the conquest of the Golan to remind that there is occupied Syrian land.”

Also in 2018, Taha participated in a support rally for the Hamas riots near the Gaza border fence.

In 2019, Taha posted: “Since the Zionist movement launched its brutal racist project more than a century ago, murder, deportation, demolition, discrimination, racism and the barbaric abuse of land rights were the most prominent behaviors of this hate project.”

Also in 2019, Taha participated in a demonstration commemorating the Arab mass riots of 2000.

“You hugged the people of Hamas, you met with the murderers from the night of the pitchforks, all year long you incite in the Negev and seek blood. On this day, when we’re counting our corpses that were murdered because of your incitement, it is a shame for the Knesset of Israel that you are here. Why are you not condemning? I’m going from here to the funerals of people who were murdered, and you’re having a committee discussion. You incited tor murder Jews, you have no conscience.”

At this point, Chairman Taha demanded that MK Ben Gvir be removed from the committee, but the enraged MK sat on the floor in protest and told the ushers who tried to remove him: “I love you, but on a day like this he has no legitimacy, he incites.”

Following Ben Gvir’s protest, Taha announced a halt to the debate, and Knesset members left the committee room.


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