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A child receives his COVID-19 vaccine at a Clallit center in Jerusalem, December 16, 2021.

Israel’s Health Ministry on Sunday recommended that children aged 5 to 11 who have recovered from Corona be vaccinated. During the most recent meeting of the ministry’s epidemic treatment team, it was decided to recommend allowing the vaccinations to be given, which has now turned into a firm recommendation to get the children vaccinated. The recovered children will receive a single shot of the Pfizer vaccine, in a reduced dose for children.

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, nine MKs were instructed to enter quarantine after being exposed to a Knesset Channel reporter who was diagnosed with Corona, possibly the Omicron strain. The MKs in quarantine are Gilad Kariv, Merav Ben-Ari, Gadi Yabarkan, Yom Tov Khalfon, Kati Sheetrit, Mosi Raz, Moshe Tur-Paz, Hamad Amar, and Simcha Rothman.


Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz told Reshet Bet radio Sunday morning that the country is facing a new situation: “Because of the very fast rate of infection, there is a fear that in a few weeks we will have high numbers of people infected with Omicron, so measures are being taken, especially in encouraging vaccination.”

Horowitz stressed that emphasis should be placed on vaccinating in schools, and added: “The children’s vaccination is moving along. So far 140,000 11-5-year-olds have been vaccinated. It’s not enough. This week we are storming the education system. Instead of 50 vaccination centers, there will be 500.”

People in Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s circle are saying he is concerned about the Israeli public’s indifference to the growing morbidity during the surge in morbidity of the Omicron variant around the world. A source close to Bennett told Kan 11 News that there is a three-week gap between Bennett and the public and the ministers in terms of understanding the severity of the situation and that the spread of the Omicron requires preparation on a different scale. Israel has succeeded in delaying the spread thanks to the quick decision on restricting entry into the country, but preparations must be made for an increase in morbidity.

As part of the preparations, Bennett ordered preparations to purchase new drugs for a possible future need. The Prime Minister is expected to ask the Ministers of Health and Education at Sunday’s cabinet meeting to provide information and to improve the response of children’s vaccination. The PM himself is expected to take part in a dialogue with the public regarding the importance of vaccinations and obeying the restrictions.

So far, 4,152,521 have received the booster shot in Israel. On Saturday, 372 out of 35,452 tested positive for Corona. There are 81 Corona patients in serious condition, 39 on respirators. So far, 8,232 have died of the pandemic in Israel.


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