A group of some 30 rabbis has called for sovereignty over the Temple Mount in advance of celebrating the liberation of the remainder of the city of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War.

Tuesday evening marks the start of Jerusalem Day, the 47th anniversary of the reunification of the holy city.


The group, which went up to the holy site on Tuesday morning, included members of various streams in the religious Zionist movement. In its statement is “expressed the eternal and renewed bond of the Jewish people to the holy place of the Temple Mount and the public claim to start Jewish sovereignty, Jewish law in practice” on the site.

The rabbis underlined, however, that those who ascend to the Mount must do so in accordance with the restrictions set forth in Torah law.


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  1. There’s more than one way to look at the Muslim occupation of Har Habayit. I wait for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, and I want it under Jewish use and control. But let us consider how things might be if Christians had not deliberately defiled the mount, abandoned it, and had built a pagan temple instead. We come closer to reestablishing the House of G-d and expelling more honest and knowledgeable Muslims (see the opinion of the Muslim scholar who notes Islam expects a Jewish reclamation of the mount) than Christians who think they have a right to occupy and defile anything Jewish forever.

  2. The Temple Mount is Judaism holiest site! The Kotel Rabbi Rabinowitz allegedly showed the Pope a model of how the Bet HaMigdash(Temple)actually looked. and gave him a birds I View of Jewish history. Instead of grovelling to the Head of the Idol worshipping Church of Rome whoose hands are soaked in Jewish blood,to convince the Israeli government!

  3. We need to get a few thousand Jews armed with baseball bats, clubs guns and axes to take the Mount from the Arabs and force them out of there. At the same time we need to drive the Arab loving police out of there and wrest control from both the Arabs and police. Some Jews should bring sledgehammers to take down the satanic mosques.

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