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Activist Moshe Miron with the sign 'Death to Terrorists,' April 1, 2022.

Jerusalem police on Friday arrested right-wing activist Moshe Miron in the Mahane Yehuda market for carrying a sign saying, “Death to Terrorists.” According to Miron, Jerusalem District Commander Superintendent Doron Turgeman ripped the signs out of his hands and the hands of his fellow demonstrators, and when they refused to stop their rally demanding that terrorists be put to death––a fairly common sentiment among most Israelis––Miron was arrested.


He was released on the same day, by Honenu attorney Nati Rom, who tweeted that his client plans to sue for false detention and destruction of property (the cops apparently had their way with the signs).

Moshe Miron is the Israeli left’s nightmare. He was behind numerous anti-leftist rallies, with signs like “Leftist Traitors,” and “Bennett Is a Traitor.” And he and his small band of angry right-wingers, with and without support from the Likud establishment, are seemingly everywhere Jews clash with each other over Arab terrorism and government policy. Some leftists have suggested he should be placed under administrative detention because, you know, he’s so noisy. Some, including radio and newspaper commentator Ben Caspit, have accused him of benefiting from Jewish blood – Jews die so he gets to disseminate his signs.

Over the past few days, Israeli security forces have exhibited admirable competence in being able to stop terrorist plots and rounding up suspects, which included engaging the enemy head on and taking serious casualties. So the Israeli public is feeling a bit safer today than it did last Tuesday, when it seemed that the country was going to be cut by an endless string of murderous, unforeseen attacks. Still, with or without ties to right-wing parties, Miron is expressing a genuine sentiment. The fact is, with his small band of ragged demonstrators, he manages to remind Prime Minister Bennett and his coalition partners that they are far from having gained their legitimacy in the eyes of many Israelis.

There’s a lot one can do with a couple of signs and a megaphone in a democracy. Someone should tell the cops.

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