Photo Credit: Courtesy Otzma Yehudit
National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir speaking with police commissioner Kobi Shabtai (c), and Jerusalem district commander Doron Turgeman, following the murderous terrorist ramming of three civilians Feb. 10, 2023.

In response to the escalating terrorist attacks being perpetrated against Israelis, particularly in Jerusalem, thousands of police officers will deploy throughout the capital to protect various sites during the upcoming month of Tishrei holidays, beginning this Friday evening with Rosh Hashana.

This will be the first time there is an initiative to deploy armed personnel in every synagogue in the Israeli capital.


Jerusalem District Police announced Wednesday that each synagogue in Jerusalem will be protected by an armed guard as part of the preparations, Israel’s Channel 12 News reported.

Police officers will also be stationed at other sacred sites throughout the holidays, including the Western Wall Plaza.

“Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are significant holidays, and even though there are no simultaneous Muslim events, it remains a challenge,” the Jerusalem District Police Commander, Superintendent Doron Turgeman, said in a statement quoted by the news outlet.

“We must maintain a high level of preparedness. Those who come to Jerusalem trust us to ensure their safety. The freedom to worship during Jewish holidays and Arab prayer times is of utmost importance.”

There have been 19 terrorist attacks in Jerusalem alone since the beginning of the year. Most of the terrorists were younger than 20, reflecting the rising popularity of the suicidal Jihadist “death culture” in Palestinian Authority society.

At least 31 other attacks were successfully thwarted, police said.

That having been said, 2023 has been the deadliest year for Arab terrorist attacks on Israeli since the Second Intifada at the start of the century.

At least 35 Israelis were murdered by Arab terrorists since January; hundreds of others were wounded.

Israeli security personnel have warned there is an increased risk of attacks during the upcoming holidays due to rising incitement on Palestinian Authority social media.

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