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The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau of Israel on Monday issued its assessment and travel warnings ahead of the upcoming Jewish holidays.

The NSC regularly assesses the risks posed by terrorist elements to Israelis visiting and staying abroad, which include hostile actions stemming from terrorists’ high motivation to attack Israelis and Jews, as well as the risk of Israelis abroad sustaining collateral damage caused by terrorist attacks.


Here are the NSC’s travel warning’s Main points:

  • Over the past two years, Iran and its proxies have increased their attempts to attack Israelis abroad. In 2021-2022, Iranian efforts to attack Israelis in additional countries were thwarted. Prominent among these were the Iranian attempts to carry out terrorist attacks in Türkiye (that’s the new spelling of Turkey, to differentiate between the country and the tasty bird) in June 2022.
  • We believe that Iran will continue its efforts to attack Israeli targets around the world, in countries that are close to Iran and in Western Europe.
  • Global jihad and radical Islamic organizations, especially Islamic State, and their supporters, continue to be highly motivated in their efforts to carry out attacks, including against Jewish and Israeli targets, in various countries. This is backed up by open declarations by the organizations’ leaders calling for attacks on Israelis and Jews. These organizations have the infrastructure and are active in the Middle East (especially northern Sinai), Africa, and Asia. This is in addition to their irregular activity in other countries.
  • We repeat our call to those who are planning to visit abroad to check the status of the travel warnings to their expected destinations before purchasing their tickets.

Use this link to the updated travel warnings page on the NSC website (Hebrew only).

The NSC stressed that it issues its travel warnings in the context of terrorism only. Other issues, such as consular matters, warnings to Israelis in combat zones, political instability, and crime, are the domain of Israel’s Foreign Ministry which issues separate updates.


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