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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, November 29, 2021.

On December 13, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will celebrate half a year on the job, but a Thursday public opinion poll suggests he has not been able to turn his achievements so far (combating Corona without lockdowns and passing a budget after three years without one) into a gain in popularity with the voters.

The poll, conducted by the Rafi Smith Institute for Galay Israel radio, found that Bennett and his Yamina party continue to slide downward.


Although the survey publisher did not mention how many people were contacted and by what methods, it shows a trend that we’ve been observing since the establishment of the Lapid-Bennett coalition government. And so, keeping this in mind, here are the numbers:

  • Likud – 34 (currently 30)
  • Yesh Atid – 21 (17)
  • Shas – 9 (9)
  • Blue&White – 7 (8)
  • Labor – 7 (7)
  • Joint Arab List – 7 (6)
  • Israel Beiteinu – 7 (7)
  • United Torah Judaism – 7 (7)
  • Religious Zionism – 7 (6)
  • Ra’am – 5 (4)
  • Yamina – 5 (7)
  • Meretz – 4 (6)
  • New hope – does not pass the 3.25% vote threshold (6)

Winners and losers:

  1. Likud and Yesh Atid are the biggest winners, gaining 4 seats each. It shows that Yair Lapid’s gamble paid off; it also shows that Netanyahu is resilient enough to sustain his election loss.
  2. Ra’am is another winner, taking a seat from its enemy, the Joint Arab List.
  3. Yamina and Meretz lose 2 seats each; New Hope is fighting for its life.

Left vs. Right:

  1. The right-wing bloc (without Yamina) has 57 seats. With Yamina – the needed 62 seats for a coalition government. Without Yamina but with Blue&White – 64 seats. In either case, the presumed winner Benjamin Netanyahu would have to mend fences with either Bennett or Benny Gantz and pay the necessary political price.
  2. The left-wing bloc (without Yamina) has only 51 seats. With Yamina 56.

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