Photo Credit: TPS

by Aryeh Savir

A group of Israeli youth who have been rounded up by security forces in recent weeks is suspected of killing an Arab woman in October, the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) intelligence service revealed Sunday.


The Shin Bet stated that following expedited intelligence activity, it arrested several persons suspected of involvement in an October stone-throwing attack on passing cars near the Israeli community of Rehelim that resulted in the death of Aisha Rabi, a 48-year-old Arab mother of nine.

The suspects were arrested for “severe terrorist offenses including murder,” the Shin Bet said.

All suspects are minors who study in the Pri Ha’aretz yeshiva in Rehelim, near the scene of the attack.

On the Saturday morning after the night of the attack, a group of activists allegedly set out by car from the Jewish community of Yitzhar for the yeshiva in Rehelim while desecrating the Sabbath in order to instruct youths learning at the yeshiva on how to prepare for and deal with their pending interrogation, the Shin Bet said.

All other details on the investigation and identity of the suspects are under a gag order.

The suspects’ attorneys state the detainees have been subjected to harsh and improper forms of interrogation and that their confessions may have been obtained through illegal means.

Several protests have been held at various locations in Israel, demanding that the detainees receive fair treatment and a fair trial.