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Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely holds the Israeli flag with the Dome of the Rock behind her.

This year the Jewish and secular calendars almost meet on Israel’s Day of Independence. The late and brave David Ben Gurion declared the new State of Israel on Friday, Iyar 5, 5708, which was also May 14, 1948. This year, Iyar 5 falls on May 13, which is Israel’s Memorial Day leading up to Independence Day.

And on Independence Day, Tuesday, May 14, our friends at Beyadenu tell us that some 500 ascendants will arrive on the Mount with Israeli flags.


A giant sign was raised on Wednesday above the northbound lanes of Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, covering an area of 2,153 sq. ft. with the inscription “On Independence Day, we raise the flag on the Temple Mount.”

A giant sign over Ayalon Highway invites Jews to raise our flag on the Temple Mount this Independence Day. / Beyadenu

Beyadenu CEO Tom Nisani stated: “For anyone who had doubts until now, the conflict is not based solely on historical injustices due to the ‘occupation’ or the British government’s policy 80 years ago. It is not a coincidence that many soldiers who arrived in homes in Gaza found the image of the Dome of the Rock engraved on the walls. It is certainly not a coincidence that the terrorist organization Hamas chose to call for a massacre during the celebration of Simchat Torah in the name of the Temple Mount. This is a religious and national conflict, and so far, the State of Israel has refused to address it by demonstrating its sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

“Unfortunately, the entity that really manages the Mount is the Waqf, and this is something that must be corrected. The raising of Israeli flags on the Mount should come from the government and the security forces themselves, but since this has not happened until today, we have decided that the time has come to do it ourselves.

“So far, 500 ascendants have announced that they will raise Israeli flags on the Mount on Independence Day. This is the resolute response to terror. Those who did battle with our enemies will prove on Independence Day that our national resolve has doubled.”

This past Passover, a new record of ascendants was broken on the Mount, with more than 4,000 Jews ascending. Some ascendants complained about being treated disrespectfully, as they were not allowed to even mutter prayer verses and were ordered to hurry and not linger to hear explanations about the most sacred place for Jews.

Former MK Aryeh Eldad and Rabbi Aryeh Cohen were detained by the police on the Mount after refusing to comply with illegal orders.


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