Photo Credit: TPS

In the settlements of Itamar and Bat Ayin, the Election Committee reports indicate an unusually large number of votes for Arab parties.

In the settlement of Itamar, the results indicate that Ahmed Tibi’s Chadash-Ta’al received 52 votes, Meretz received 1 vote and Zehut received 0. No votes were disqualified.


A number of Itamar residents claim to have voted for Zehut and none for Tibi, indicating a possible problem at that station.

The head of the Itamar polling station wrote to informing us of the error on the Election Committee website:

There appears to be a similar discrepancies in the settlement of Bat Ayin where the Election Committee reports that 87 people voted for the Arab Ra’am-Balad party, and 4 for Meretz. Zehut received 91 votes.

Both Itamar and Bat Ayin are strong rightwing communities and it is unlikely that the Arab parties had so many, if any votes at all, in those settlements.

In Hebron, one person voted for Meretz, and in Kiryat Arba, 14 people voted for Meretz. The local residents will probably assume those are the votes of Shin Bet’s “Jewish Unit” spies embedded into their communities.

In addition, the official Election Committee site shows higher percentages of votes in a number of small communities throughout Israel, higher than the site lists the number of actual voters.

But there’s no conspiracies or cheating going on with the 160% voter turnout. The site’s managers never updated the database with the current number of residents in each community since the last election, hence the 100+% turnout.