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Fernando and Josefina arrive at the church ready to channel their Nazi heroes’ wedding.

The groom wore an SS uniform, and the newlyweds drove up to the church in a car decorated with swastikas, on the wedding anniversary of Adolf Hitler and Ewa Braun. According to the Mexican newspaper Milenio, Fernando, the groom, chose April 29 for his wedding with Josefina because it was the day that Adolf Hitler and his girlfriend, Eva Braun, got married 77 years ago, one day before committing suicide together.

And you thought romanticism was dead.


On the night of April 28-29, 1945, after midnight, Hitler and Braun were married in a small civil ceremony in their modest Berlin bunker. The event was witnessed by Nazi monsters Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann. The Hitlers hosted a modest wedding breakfast. For their honeymoon, the couple chose Adolf’s private chambers underground. One day later, as the Soviet Red Army was thundering through the outskirts of the heavily bombarded capital, at 1 PM on April

After 1:00 pm on April 30, Eva and Adolf said their farewells to staff and members of the inner circle. At approximately 3:30 pm, several people reported hearing a loud gunshot. They waited a few minutes, and Hitler’s valet, Heinz Linge, accompanied by Hitler’s SS adjutant, Otto Guensche, entered the study and found the lifeless bodies of Hitler and Braun on a small sofa. Braun had bitten into a cyanide capsule, and Hitler had shot himself in the right temple with his pistol. The corpses were carried up the stairs and through the bunker’s emergency exit to the garden behind the Reich Chancellery, where they were burned during the Red Army shelling in and around the area. Braun was 33 years old when she died, and Hitler was 56.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun with their pet cats, June 14, 1942. / Photographer unknown

Fernando and Josefina arrived at the church in a Volkswagen Sedan that Fernando had decorated with swastikas on the outside and photographs of Hitler on the inside. The groom, for his part, wore the gray SS officer’s suit.

The controversial celebration, which reportedly took place in a church in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala, has gone viral in Mexico but has yet to be criticized by any Mexican institution. But the Wiesenthal Center did condemn the grotesque wedding last week.

In its statement, the Wiesenthal Center pointed out that the groom, Fernando, defended Hitler by saying “he was a vegetarian, he took his country out of extreme poverty and returned to his people the territories lost in World War I. His people loved him. We have been led to believe that Hitler was a racist but he came to greet Jesse Owens (African-American athlete) at the 1936 Olympics.”

Jesse Owens wins the gold in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, August, 1936. / Photographer unknown

Of course, that last bit about Jesse Owens is a total lie: Adolf, who was steaming in the stands while the African-American runner humiliated all kinds of master race athletes, ended up storming out of the stadium. But hey, he was a vegetarian and a fanatical non-smoker.


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