Photo Credit: Channel 20 / Twitter
IDF St. Sgt. Bar-El Hadaria Shmueli, 21, wounded in action August 21, 2021

All across the country, Jews are coming together to pray for wounded Border Policeman Bar-el Hadaria Shmueli. Shmueli was critically wounded along the Gaza border when a terrorist shot him in the face at point blank range.

The following are videos from around the country.


Soldiers from the Border Police undercover unit says prayers outside the room of wounded Border Policeman Bar-el Hadaria Shmueli:

Omer Adam prays at his concert in Jerusalem with the entire audience for Bar-el Shmueli:

Soldiers from the Haredi Tomer platoon of Givati pray for Bar-el Shmueli:

Prayers on the Temple Mount for Bar-el Shmueli:

Prayers at the Kotel for Bar-el Shmueli:

Prayers in the hospital for Bar-el Shmueli:

Soldiers from Netzach Yehuda, before heading out for an operation in Ramallah, pray for Bar-el Shmueli:

Thousands gather to say Selichot and pray for Bar-el Shmueli under his hospital window:


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