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Israel Air Force attack jet.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida reported Saturday that President Barack Obama stopped Israel from attacking Iran last year by threatening to down the Israeli attack plan.

The report has no confirmation from any other source and appears at first glance to be an invention of an imaginative editor. No other news site has carried the Kuwaiti newspaper report except for the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency.


However, Al-Jarida is considered to be a relatively liberal publication whose editor Mohammed al-Sager previously won the International Press Freedom Award of the Committee to Protect Journalists “for courageous reporting on political and human rights issues in the face of government threats of censorship and prosecution,”

He also is a former Kuwaiti parliament member and chairman of the legislature.

Al-Sager also was sentenced to six months in jail in 1998 for “insulting the essence of the Divine Being” following the publication of a joke. The sentence was overturned by a higher court.

The idea that President Barack Obama would order the U.S. Air Force to down an Israeli seems like a Grade-B horror movie plot.

Al-Jarida quoted “well-placed” sources that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after consulting with then-IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, decided to attack Iran to halt its nuclear program that is assumed to be aimed at building or obtaining a nuclear weapon that would be aimed at Israel.

The media was filled with reports the past two years of Air Force training for an aerial strike on Iran.

An Israel minister, who implicitly was Avigdor Lieberman according to Al Jarida’s source, supposedly leaked the plan to the Obama administration.

There always is the possibility that Netanyahu asked Lieberman to tip off Obama, but in any case, the president promptly warned he would order that American planes shoot down attacking Israeli planes.

Netanyahu backed down, according to Al Jarida.

The report may be fantasy, but the fact that Al Jarida dared to report it says a lot about perceptions of the relationship between Netanyahu and Obama.



  1. You keep saying “it seems unbelievable” but you guys sure keep repeating this bull. Not enough things to fear in the world for you? Fear and division of our countries seems to be what you advocate. Way to win over American Jews like me who have always supported Israel..

  2. Given the current mindset in DC, this headline is not shocking. I’ve seen videos and read articles that have stated that the man who occupies the oval office had ordered, two years ago, a nuclear bomb be removed from Dyess AFB and moved to N Carolina for the express purpose of setting off an EMP over America. Three Generals said NO. Is it true? I have no way of knowing other than to know the heart of the man who hates America and Israel.

  3. False analogy. You're comparing a friendly fire incident to a deliberate engagement. Even if you accept the insane conspirtoral theories that the attack on the U.S ship was delibrate it is still a false analogy. An Isralie strike on Iran's nuke program would be in America's interest as well.

  4. PLEASE tell me this is NOT TRUE.
    If Israel and Saudi Arabia actually got together and agreed on a plan to take out Iran's nuclear program and Obama killed it — especially by threatening to go to WAR with Israel (an attack on these jets would be an act of war), then Obama is a traitor to the United States.
    I sincerely hope this is NOT TRUE.
    I cannot believe that Jews in this country would EVER accept any President of interfering with Israel's right to protect itself.

  5. Used to be, I'd believe our people beofre I'd thae the word of any foreigner. No longer – Mr. Obama and his people lie so facilely, ans so often, they could deny this and I would not believe them.

    I would not put it past Mr. Obama for one nanosecond to make this threat. I think I know where his sympathies lie, after all of the actions and words from him. He is a traitor.

  6. I would not put it pass Obama to do something like this. Obama is for the Muslims and against everything that is either Christian or Jewish as proof by not only what he says but also by what he does or does not do. Trust Obama, NEVER EVER!

  7. "The report may be fantasy, but the fact that Al Jarida dared to report it says a lot about perceptions of the relationship between Netanyahu and Obama." Then why would you "report" this. Journalism isn't a joke. As a JEW myself, I'm in shock at what I'm seeing here. I'm 59 years old and I have never seen this type of contempt for ANY American President. You think that this is in your best interests. This is not going to play out well and your agenda may not be in your best interests. You believe that Israel bombing Iran is a good move…you think giving the Arab world a good reason to galvanize themselves together against you is smart ? You think that Obama trying to obtain some sort of agreements with Iran isn't in Israel's best interest. You really believe that Obama wants Iran to have a nuclear BOMB…really ??? Keep this fear mongering going and throw your red meat for your haters to chew on.

  8. Curt Bailey, when has the congress managed to stop our tyrannical president in the past?
    Just saying, your faith in a broken system of checks and balances is miss placed, at best.

  9. Were he not on our side, what is the answer? You name it! It's horrible to imagine right now. God bring him to repentance. He was ELECTED by us and NOT Iran!!! He must serve and protect our Nation and our Allies!!!

  10. When have they ever TRIED to stop Ohbummer??? Everything he tries to do, it seems Congress just rolls onto their back and lets him have his way. Obama is nothing but a SPOILED BRAT BULLY!!!

  11. @ Scott Plachter:
    This story (ADMINISTRATION DENIES OBAMA THREATENED TO SHOOT DOWN ISRAELI WARPLANES) and the Obama administration"strong denial "have the potential for an explosive reaction from the media.

    The administration “strong denial” is technically correct, but only on very narrow grounds.

    The threat that was actually conveyed was that the US would not give Israel the IFF codes and therefore all intruding IDF aircraft would be considered possibly hostile and US warplanes would be scrambled to intercept them. And it would be exceedingly "unfortunate" if Israeli aircraft were downed under these circumstances.

    The source of the threat was the defense department stating that the Defense Department was not authorized to share the IFF codes with the IDF. This was coupled with public remarks made by Brezinski in which he urged the US to actively intercept and shoot down Israeli planes should they attempt to stage such a raid. Brezinski's then close relationship with the Obama administration was publicized.

    Thus, as stated above, the administration's “strong denial” is technically correct… But the actual transmission of information and of vailed threats to the IDF was very real. The role of Benny Gantz is now emerging in the public discourse. His role in discouraging (and possibly preventing) the IDF attack may contain additional information embarrassing to the White House. Also, the anonymous White House advisor who publicly called Prime Minister Netanyahu a coward for not conducting this attack has only added fuel to a very potentially inflammatory public confrontation


    Jeffrey Scott Shapiro – The Washington Times – Sunday, March 1, 2015

  12. This incident has been thoroughly investigated by numerous committees of Congress as well as by the Defense science Board. The U.S. Navy, the IDF and the national security agency share responsibility. The NSA ordered the liberty to stay in its location in the U.S. Navy thinking that they had ordered liberty to change station told the IDF that they had no ships in the area. The NSA intercepted the IDF communications in real time, understood that the liberty was being attacked but did not want to reveal their capabilities. Thus, US sailors died… The attack was unforgivable but blame U.S. Navy and NSA as well as IDF.

  13. John Brewton I am trying to refocuse the discussion "to this century" by pointing out how absurd the false analogy people are using to try to distract us is. But, your point is well taken. Even if it was a valid analogy, two wrongs don't make a right and retaliation 50 years later makes about as much sense as spanking your 16 year old for steeling from the cookie jar when he was four.

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