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Israeli Defense Official are expecting an Iranian missile strike in the near future, according to Israeli media sources.

Defense officials believe that Iran wants revenge for the April 9th strike on the T4 army base in Syria, which killed at least seven members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. That attack was in response to Iran sending an armed attack drone, filled with explosives, into Israeli airspace, in February.


Following the T4 attack, there was a second massive strike in northern Syria on an Iranian controlled base and a secondary base as well as a third facility north of Aleppo, which is believed to have killed dozens of Iranian soldiers, as well as causing a 2.6 magnitude earthquake. It is believed that Israel destroyed 200 Fateh 110 missiles that were going to be used against Israel.

In order to avoid taking credit for the attack, there is a good possibility that Iran will launch the attack from Syria, using Hezbollah for part of the attack as well as local Shiites.

Lebanon held elections on Sunday, and until the elections were over, Hezbollah did not want to take any actions that may have negatively affected them in the polls. Now that the elections are over, the risk of Hezbollah participating in an attack on Israel have significantly increased.

The general consensus is that Iran may most likely try to hit a military base in Israel’s north, in order to take revenge as opposed to starting an all out war. Alternatively, they may try to hit some open areas, so they can symbolically say they hit Israel, while reducing the possibility of a massive Israeli response.

Israel has threatened to strike Iran directly if Iran launches an attack against Israel.


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