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PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Hezbollah terrorist chief Hassan Nasrallah is “very embarrassed” by Israel’s success in destroying its attack tunnels, among other accomplishments.

The Iranian-backed secretary-general of the Hezbollah terrorist organization broke his silence yesterday after an extended period, Netanyahu noted in his opening remarks at the weekly government cabinet meeting.


“He is very embarrassed for three reasons: One, because of the great success of our Operation Northern Shield. He and his people put great effort into the surprise weapon of invasive tunnels, including their excavation, in contrast to what he said, in recent years and months. Within six weeks, we completely denied him this weapon,” Netanyahu said.

“Second, Nasrallah is in a predicament due to financial distress. The policy that we pushed of reimposing sanctions on Iran, which was clearly and sharply adopted by President Trump, is striking hard at the sources of financing for Iran and its proxies, especially Hezbollah.

“Third, Nasrallah is in distress due to our determination,” he said, adding, “Against Hezbollah stands the lethal striking force of the IDF. Believe me; Nasrallah has good reasons not to want to feel the might of our arm.”

In speech delivered Saturday on the Al-Manar news station in Lebanon, Nasrallah threatened the state of Israel, saying that only a fraction of the terror group’s cross-border attack tunnels had been discovered, and that its plan to invade the Galilee remained intact.


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