Photo Credit: Wikimedia / w:Barry Hunau at Cartoons by Barry
Cartoon of Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas, with Iran as puppet master. You can add Islamic Jihad to the show

Hamas and Iran are cozying up again, and the Islamic regime in Iran will soon relaunch its funding of the Hamas terror organization following weeks of meeting between senior terrorists on both sides, according to reports this morning in the London-based A-Sharq al-Awsat.

Over the past few weeks, senior Hezbollah and Iranian officials, including members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, met in Lebanon and agreed to restart support for the Hamas in Gaza.


Iranian financial support for Hamas ended in 2011 (or possibly earlier in 2009 according to Hamas), when the Syrian civil war began and Hamas didn’t throw their support behind Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad, who Iran supports.

Hamas chieftain Ismael Haniyeh will be visiting Tehran in the near future along with a group of Hamas leaders in order to officially put bygones aside.

Iran is also in a much better financial position than it was in 2011, thanks to former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal.


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