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Iron Dome downing incoming rockets on the border with Lebanon, August 6, 2021.

At least 19 rockets were fired Friday morning from southern Lebanon at the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights. The Iron Dome system was activated, and according to reports in the regional councils, two rockets landed in open areas in the area of Neve Ativ and Ein Kaina in the northern Golan Heights. Ten rockets were intercepted.

The rocket barrage was launched at the Har Dov area, the location of several recent incidents between Israel and Hezbollah. The IDF believes the launch took place from southern Lebanon and not from Syrian territory.


According to MDA, there are no casualties as a result of the rocket fire.

Alarms were activated on Friday morning in the localities of Ein Kania, Snir, and Neve Ativ in northern Galilee and the Golan Heights.

On the night between Wednesday and Thursday this week, the IDF attacked Lebanon for the fourth time following the firing of three rockets at Israel on Wednesday. The IDF announced that fighter jets attacked the areas from which the rockets had been fired at Israel, as well as infrastructure that was used to support terrorism.

The Israeli defense establishment estimated that Palestinian groups in Lebanon were responsible for firing on Israel earlier this week. It is estimated that in light of the lack of governance in Lebanon, it is possible that the rocket fire was carried out without permission from Hezbollah. Contrary to the perception in recent years that any military operation originating in southern Lebanon requires the approval of the organization.

The US State Department has issued a statement condemning the rocket fire at Israel.

Hezbollah has since taken credit for today’s barrage.


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