IDF forces engaged in Operation Northern Shield on Thursday began the neutralization and demolition of the four Hezbollah terror tunnels that had been exposed in the operation. Neutralizing the tunnels will prevent the Hezbollah terrorist organization from using them and implementing its plans, according to the IDF.

“We are continuing Operation Northern Shield according to the original plan,” IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Ronen Manelis stated, adding, “At the moment, we are focusing on two operational efforts: the first is the continued exposure of the tunnels, in addition to the four that have already been exposed, and the second is the second phase of the operation – the effort to neutralize and destroy the tunnels we found.”


“The neutralization is carried out in a number of different ways, based on an analysis of the state of the tunnels by the various elements taking part in the operation,” Manelis revealed. “Each tunnel is different from the other, some were carved into the rock, others are made of concrete, some go down into our territory, others rise up, and therefore each of them is neutralized in a way that is unique to it.”

“After the handling of the tunnels, Hezbollah will not be able to use them again, from its territory to our territory,” said the IDF Spokesperson. “We caution anyone who approaches the tunnels and stays near them.”

“The tunnels dug from Lebanese territory into Israeli territory violated Resolution 1701 and Israeli sovereignty,” the IDF spokesman said. “Of course, neutralizing them will not happen in one day, it will take a while, in parallel to the continued exposure effort.”

“At this stage, we have not identified imminent threats that could develop into a problematic situation,” Manelis concluded, but noted that “at the same time, our forces continue with the operational effort according to the plan.”


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