Photo Credit: Yissachar Ruas / TPS
Israeli Air Force F-16

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out a series of strikes in Syria Tuesday night, Syrian state media reported.

A military source told SANA news that at about 2:00 am, the IAF carried out strikes in the coastal area of Latakia.


The attack killed a civilian and wounded six others, and caused material damage, including to the electric grid in some areas and to a plastic manufacturing facility, the report said.

The IDF has remained silent on the reports, as it usually does. The IAF has reportedly previously hit terror targets in the area.

Iran routinely attempts to arm the Lebanon-based Hezbollah with advanced weapons. Israel has exposed and thwarted multiple attempts by Iran to transfer game-changing weapons to Hezbollah, including by air shipments from Iran, through Damascus Airport.

Israel has significantly stepped up its strikes against Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria in recent months.

In general, Iran and Hezbollah’s military build-up in Syria remains a red line for Israel. The IAF has carried out thousands of attacks to thwart the Iranian entrenchment in the war-torn country.

Israeli leaders have repeatedly declared that they will not tolerate an Iranian threat on its northern border with Syria and will take all necessary measures to ensure that such a menace does not emerge.


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