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Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi on Wednesday said that Iran would “give a crushing response to any aggression or stupid move by the Zionist regime against Iran’s interests in Syria and the region.”

On Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett warned Iran’s leadership: “You have nothing to look for in Syria,” adding: “When an octopus’ tentacles hit you, don’t just fight back against those arms, but strangle the head as well. That’s how we must deal with Iran. For generations, we have been constantly fighting the arms of the Iranian octopus in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, and we did not focus enough on weakening Iran itself. Now we are now changing the concept: we are engaged in an ongoing campaign to weaken the Iranian octopus head itself, through economic, policy, intelligence, and military action, as well as other dimensions.”


DM Bennett also stressed: “As long as you keep trying to build terrorist bases there (in Syria – DI), we will only increase the hurt on you. The IDF is prepared and ready for any scenario.”

Not something Iran is apparently prepared to take sitting down, never mind the mounting death toll inflicted by Israel on its recruits in Syria, both Iranian and Shiite militias. Spokesman Mousavi said “the nature of the Zionist regime over the past 70 years has been founded on occupation of the Palestinian land and neighboring states, killing, looting, assassination and aggression,” adding, “Iran will not compromise and hesitate for a moment to defend its presence in Syria and also defend its national security and regional interests. Consequently, Iran will give a decisive and crushing response to any aggression or stupid act by the Zionist regime.”


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