Photo Credit: Marc Israel Sellem/POOL
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat were targets of an assassination plot

The Shabak revealed on Tuesday that it has captured a terrorist cell that planned to assassinate senior Israeli politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. Indictments against those involved were filed on Sunday, 27 May 2018.

As part of its routine operations to undermine the terror infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, the Shabak recently picked up for questioning one Muhammad Jamal Rashdeh, 30, a resident of the Shuafat refugee camp in eastern Jerusalem. Rashdeh, a former security prisoner, carries an Israeli identity card.


His investigation revealed that he was directed by foreign-based terrorists and that he had planned to commit significant attacks against a variety of targets including VIPs such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

It was learned that Rashdeh had planned to attack buildings that belong to the US consulate and a senior Canadian delegation that was in Jerusalem in order to train Palestinian Authority forces in Judea and Samaria.

In order to advance several of the planned attacks, the cell intended to bring a terrorist into Israel from Jordan.

It was also learned that Rashdeh – on instruction from a terrorist in Syria – carried out advance operations to gather intelligence on possible targets.

Additional suspects have been arrested who, in their investigations, verified the suspicions against the cell; their detention thwarted the aforesaid planned terrorist attacks.