Photo Credit: Tasnim News Agency / CC4.0
Iranian Bavar 373 air defense system.

Syrian opposition sources report that in recent weeks there has been a decrease in the scope of Israeli attacks in the Damascus area, despite several Iranian cargo planes landing at Damascus International Airport every week. These sources point to two Iranian “Bavar-373” air defense systems as the reason behind this recent decrease in attacks.

The systems were reportedly brought into Syria via Iraq last August, one of which was deployed in the al-Zabadani area near Syria’s border with Lebanon. The report also mentions new electronic jamming systems being recently introduced in Syria.


The same sources also report a significant increase in recent weeks in the scope of Israeli and American reconnaissance flights, aimed at determining the locations of these new systems. According to the report, the Syrians turn off their air defense and jamming systems during these flights, to avoid detection.

The new systems were reportedly built by North Chinese and Korean companies.

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