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The Turkish army is targeting Tell Tawil in western al-Hasaka in northeastern Syria.

The Syrian government official news agency SANA has reported overnight that the Turkish army is targeting Tell Tawil in western al-Hasaka in northeastern Syria, where the Syrian Democratic Forces, a coalition of Kurdish, Arab, and Assyrian/Syriac militias are deployed.


The Syrian Observatory for human Rights has reported that a Turkish military column has deployed in the Jarabulus area, at the border with Turkey, and is expected to be joined by pro-Turkey factions which will head from Afrin, northwest of Aleppo, and the areas of the “Euphrates Shield” to participate in the anticipated military operation.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump shocked the world, including all his allies within and without the United States, when he gave Turkey the green light to invade northern Syria, while US troops would be pulling back from the area.

President Donald J. Trump with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, June 29, 2019

With that, Trump has sealed the fate of America’s most dedicated allies, who loyally helped US troops destroy ISIS. Over the past few years, only a relatively small American military contingency has stood between the Kurds and an amalgamation of Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, Russian and hordes of mercenaries and Islamist fanatics. Now that line of defense is probably gone.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of Israel’s greatest friends in Congress, on Monday denounced Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of northeastern Syria, calling it a “stain on America’s honor.”

Graham called “Fox & Friends,” Trump’s favorite news show, to condemn the “impulsive decision by the president,” which he called “short-sighted and irresponsible.” He said the move has “undone all the gains we’ve made” and “thrown the region into further chaos.”

“This to me is just unnerving to its core,” Graham said.

Senior lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, blasted Trump’s sudden move, which had followed his Sunday phone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Republican hawks and moderates have joined Democrats in an attempt to reverse the move.

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