Photo Credit: Israel Police
YAMAM counter-terrorist soldier and Zili (r)

Unfortunately, during the operation in Shechem (Nablus) this morning, the nine-year-old Yamam K-9 dog, Zili, a soldier who walks on all fours, was killed. The Yamam is the counter-terrorism unit of the Israeli Border Police.

In 2019, Zili was sent to a high-rise building in Ramallah, where he located and took control of the terrorist who murdered the late Uri Ansbacher until the arrival of the Yamam fighters that arrested him.


Zili has been a partner in hundreds of activities of the Yamam in recent years, and this morning apparently saved the lives of the fighters with his actions.

During the operation, a wanted terrorist, Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, was eliminated, and 30 additional terrorists were wounded.


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