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Chief Rabbi of Gaza Rabbi Linda Goldstein having her way with Imani Oakley.

Meet @Abualiexpress, Chief Rabbi of Gaza and Jewish Issues Advisor to Ismail Haniyeh, BDS, and Free Palestine, who declares she stands with “Iran, Trans Rights are Human Rights, and Nude Yogi.” So I implore you, ladies and gentlemen, how many more clues must a person get before they understand this is a fake Twitter account, intended to lure woke and other extreme leftist idiots?

Perhaps some of the good rabbi’s tweets?

  • Why is the Olympic committee forcing Muslims to compete against Zionists? They deal with enough colonization at home. At the very least, they should segregate the games out of respect.
  • I’m seriously troubled that #Israel has an #Olympics delegation in #Japan. The people of Japan need to lock their doors and immediately notify the police if they see any settlers.
  • Today we commemorate the brave Palestinian fedayeen of Black September who were murdered by German security forces at the 1972 Olympics for absolutely no reason at all.
  • Thanks to a generous funding grant from Ifnotnow and Jewish Voice Live, I’m writing a sequel to the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Raising hands Flag of Palestinian Territories Flexed biceps. I have a working title of “The Conniving [expletive] of Zion,” but drop your name ideas in the comments.
  • And this one, if you still didn’t get it: If you would like to donate to my Temple please mail checks to: Temple Ahavat Yershalayim c/o Associated Press, Tunnel 72, Bunker 14, Gaza, Palestine.

Enter Imani Oakley, a Democrat running in 2022 to the US House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District. Oakley’s professional experience includes working as dean of movement building with Movement School. She is also affiliated with Working Families New Jersey.

On November 28, Rabbi Linda Goldstein, the nom de guerre of Michael, a Manhattan real estate attorney, tweeted: “Excited to announce #Hamas has given me permission to build the first and only #Jewish #Ghetto in #Gaza #Palestine! By default, wherever a #Jew lives they’re #Colonizing. Ghettos ensure Jews don’t displace #Palestinians.”

Believe it or not, Oakley’s campaign manager, Maita Lockhart fell for it after Rabbi Linda tweeted an offer to organize a fundraiser in Gaza. On Nov. 23, Lockhart sent an email to the Chief Rabbi of Gaza, saying: “I would be grateful if you could provide dates/times for this week or next to connect and discuss further.

Rabbi Goldstein wrote back on Thanksgiving day: “I think it would be terrific if Ms. Oakley would in-person or virtually (over Zoom) attend a house party/fundraiser in Gaza. I can’t think of a better way to show off her #FreePalestine bona fides.” She then explained: “There are several influential Jewish-Americans in Gaza who can provide plenty of help back in her district, including contributions and media placement.”

Lockhart wrote back: “We are so pleased that you would like to host a virtual fundraiser. I would be grateful if you could provide dates/times for us to speak further this week or next so that we can solidify the next steps.”

It’s all here:

Imani Oakley for Congress’ Twitter

On Friday, after Rabbi Linda shared with the world the madness of Congressional candidate Imani Oakley, the latter tweeted a kind of angry rebuttal that made her sound, well, pathetic: “Let me be clear: no political attacks will stop me from defending the humanity and dignity of the Palestinian people, fighting against human rights abuses by the Israeli government, and demanding an end to apartheid.”

Those were not political attacks, sweetie, they were jokes – at your expense.

The man behind Rabbi Linda Goldstein, Michael, told The NY Post: “I am making fun of the five percent of Jews that hate Israel. I created this personality that shows how reductive and absurd these people are.”

And if some anti-Semitic gentiles get caught in the net, that’s even more fun.

By the way, Rabbi Linda responded to the NY Post article with typical leftist rage: “I’m shocked and appalled that Mossad backed #Zionists would hack my email and Twitter to try and harm those who oppose #Apartheid.”


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