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Christiane Amanpour screaming in Israel

British-Iranian CNN host Christiane Amanpour went on her show last week to say that the Trump administration is engaged in policies that are similar to the Nazis’ acts during Kristallnacht. I kid you not.


She looked straight at the camera and said: “This week 82 years ago, Kristallnacht happened. It was the Nazis’ warning shot across the bow of our human civilization that led to genocide against a whole identity, and in that tower of burning books, it led to an attack on fact, knowledge, history, and truth. After four years of a modern-day assault on those same values by Donald Trump, the Biden-Harris team pledges a return to norms, including the truth.”

Clearly, Amanpour either has an extremely benevolent view of Kristallnacht or a pathologically hostile view of the Trump administration.

To remind you, Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, Nov. 9-10, 1938, was a countrywide pogrom against Germany’s Jews carried out by paramilitary forces and civilians. The name, which literally means Crystal Night, comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings and synagogues were smashed. Jewish homes, hospitals and schools were ransacked and demolished with sledgehammers. Rioters destroyed 267 synagogues and more than 7,000 Jewish businesses. Some 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps.

Comparing any of the above to the Trump administration’s behavior is, first, laughable, and second, raving mad. And yet there she was, a start of mainstream news media, making these insane allegations, which, incidentally, are reminiscent of accusations made by the raving lunatic left comparing Israel to South Africa’s Apartheid regime. All you have to do is pick up a descriptive paragraph detailing the realities of the Apartheid to see no such thing can be applied to the Jewish state.

Executive Director of UN Watch Hillel Neuer picked up on an entirely different problem with Amanpour’s crazy talk. He tweeted: “Never before in the history of US news networks did a journalist distort the Holocaust for political purposes as Amanpour just did on CNN & PBS. No, Amanpour, the Nazi genocide was not ‘an attack on fact, knowledge, history & truth.’ They murdered 6 million Jews. Say it.”

It’s true, even though everyone knows Kristallnacht was an attack on Jews, only on Jews, and because they were Jews, Amanpour managed to ethnic cleanse the Jewish from her mad diatribe.

“’Nazis’ warning shot across the bow of our human civilization,’ ‘genocide against a whole identity,’ ‘an attack on fact, knowledge, history, and truth,” Neuer insisted, and retorted, “Fact: Kristallnacht was Nazi murder of Jews, burning of synagogues. Holocaust was the Nazi genocide of Jews. Why did she erase Jews?”

“Amanpour took pains to erase the word Jews while speaking three times about Nazi attacks and genocide,” he continued. “At best, she exploited and trivialized the Holocaust to make her analogy. At worst, as Tim Kaine put it in 2017, Christiane Amanpour engaged in a form of Holocaust denial.”

President Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted: “DESPICABLE! Amanpour
& CNN must immediately apologize for trivializing the Holocaust & the tragic genocide of millions of Jews. They must also apologize for slandering the most pro-Israel President in history as they themselves make an anti-democratic political enemies list. This kind of dangerous, disgusting, and slanderous rhetoric is toxic for our country and must be condemned by the Democrats and all leaders who want our country to achieve any semblance of ‘unity.’”

When she’s right, she’s right.

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