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Police at a checkpoint on Route 1 outside Jerusalem, Passover, April 9, 2020.

Israel’s Health Ministry released its latest hospital data regarding verified coronavirus patients Thursday evening, according to which Jerusalem (pop. 900,000) and Bnei Brak (pop. 200,00) continue to lead with the highest number of patients in Israel: 1,630 and 1,594 respectively. Tel Aviv (pop. 450,000) is third with 415 verified patients. Next are Ashkelon (pop. 140,000) with 216, and Elad (pop.48,000) with 215 patients.

The number of dead from Corona in Israel rose on Thursday from to 79, among them an 86-year-old man who lived in a nursing home in Yavne’el, where three other residents have died.


The number of coronavirus patients in Israel increased by 351 on Thursday; there are currently 9,755 coronavirus patients in Israel. 165 are in serious condition and 119 are connected to ventilating machines. 864 Corona patients have recovered, 181 of them over the past 24 hours. These included three women who are older than 90.

On Wednesday, seven people died of the virus, including two nursing home residents ages 96 and 97.

Earlier on Thursday, a five-week-old baby was brought to the Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer after being infected with the coronavirus. The hospital said the baby was fully conscious and would stay in a special solitary confinement facility with a companion.

The Health Ministry and Magen David Adom on Thursday began proactive testing in nursing homes where patients were found with the virus. 3,000 tests are expected on Thursday and a similar number will be conducted every day over the next few days. There are 300 large scale nursing home facilities in Israel.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference Thursday with an update on the coronavirus outbreak, which has so far infected more than 81,803 NYC residents. The mayor said that stay-at-home restrictions will continue through April and will very likely continue well into May.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that hospitalizations are dropping in New York state, even as a record number of coronavirus deaths have been recorded for the third straight day. 799 people died in NY state from coronavirus In the past 24 hours, up from 779 the day before. At the same time, a net total of 200 more patients have been hospitalized in the state, which is the smallest increase in 20 days.

Gov. Cuomo stressed that deaths are a lagging indicator, and that it is clear that the state’s broad shutdown is helping to contain the spread of the virus. “You stay at home, you save a life. Period,” he said.

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