Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot / Thomas Lopez-Pierre
Democratic New York City Council candidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre

While the United States has been observing a week devoted to marking the loss of millions of Jews and other nationals during the Nazi Holocaust in World War II, a Democratic candidate for the New York City Council is campaigning on a message of anti-Semitism and hate.

In the most recent video footage uploaded by Thomas Lopez-Pierre, his campaign message on YouTube blames “greedy Jewish landlords” and “Donald Trump” for the problems in the seventh district on the upper West Side of Manhattan.


Lopez-Pierre is running in a primary set for September 12th against incumbent New York City Council member Mark Levine, who is Jewish, and who he accuses of “taking $100,000 in political money from greedy Jewish landlords.”

For those who don’t have time to watch, or in case the video is taken down, here’s the transcript:

Good afternoon. My name is Thomas Lopez-Pierre, and I am a candidate for city council in the seventh council district in Upper Manhattan, the Upper West Side, West Harlem and lower Washington Heights,” the candidate says on the video.

“I am standing in front of Councilman Mark Levine’s office on 141st and Amsterdam Avenue. Mark Levine is controlled by Jewish landlords,” he continues.

“Jewish landlords own more than 80 percent of the real estate in Upper Manhattan, and they are at the forefront of pushing black and Latino people out of Upper Manhattan.

“Together if we organize we can defeat Mark Levine, we can defeat Donald Trump, and we can defeat the Jewish landlords that are pushing black and Latino people out of Harlem, Washington Heights and the Upper West Side.

“Please visit my website Thomas, Thomas and visit me on Twitter at Vote LopezPierre, Vote LopezPierre, and together we can defeat the Jewish landlords that are engaged in ethnic cleansing, pushing out black and Latino people out of Upper Manhattan.

“I don’t take one dollar in campaign contributions from these greedy Jewish landlords and Mark Levine has taken over 100,000 in campaign contributions from these greedy Jewish landlords.

“Together we will defeat them. We will defeat Donald Trump. We will defeat the Jewish greedy Jewish landlords and we will defeat Mark Levine on September 12th on the Democratic primary.

“Vote Democrat. Vote Lopez-Pierre.

DS Levi contributed content to this report.


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