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David Bateman

David Bateman, founder and chairman of the board of Entrata, a Utah-based property management software company, was forced to resign on Tuesday after sending an antisemitic email to, among others, the NBA’s Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (Republican), and Utah Senate Minority Whip Luz Escamilla (Democrat) accusing “the Jews” for a plot to “euthanize the American people” with the Covid-19 vaccines.

That’s a one-two punch of crazy hate if we’ve ever seen one.


In the email, Bateman claimed that the pandemic is a “systematic extermination of billions of people” which will result in an effort to “consolidate all the countries in the world under a single flag with a totalitarian rule.”

Bateman issued a statement admitting to having sent the email, argued he had “nothing but love for the Jewish people,” and insisted the email expressed his personal opinion and was intended just for a small group of his friends.

Regardless, on Tuesday, the Entrata board of directors asked Bateman to go home and he took his box of essentials and the cactus and left.

Chabad of Utah’s Rabbi Avremi Zippel tweeted in response to the Bateman fiasco’s line, “I believe the Jews are behind this,” that he was “disgusted to read this flaming pile of garbage of a letter. Granted, the contents are absolutely loony tunes, but sadly, we’ve seen nonsense like this metastasize to violence against our community before.”

Rabbi Zippel added: “I’ll say this though: the Bateman letter is impressive in the sense that he almost got a full antisemitic bingo in four paragraphs. Censorship, Hasidic laws, Nuremberg, sterilization. Just toss in weather control and you got the full set!”

Don’t forget the Jewish laser beams developed by the Rothschilds.

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