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National Menorah in Washington.

The Obama administration has followed up on exploiting Passover for its political agenda by coming out with a new interpretation of Hanukkah, whose lights supposedly are to enlighten Jews to back the President’s program to welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said at the annual lighting of the National Hanukkah Menorah:

So this is a joyous occasion, and yet as we heard earlier we are mindful that even as we gather here tonight, that while the light of freedom burns brightly for us and for our generation, it flickers for others.

Refugees fleeing religious intolerance and oppression. People targeted for their faith, people whose faith is perverted by others.


He suddenly dropped the Jewish angle and switched to speaking for all Americans, saying:

We are Americans, and as Americans we do not turn our backs on those who seek sanctuary. Nor do we stay quiet in the face of bigotry or intolerance. We stand up for those persecuted around the world.

McDonough then switched back to express his ignorance of Judaism and continued:

We remember this season that we too were once strangers, that our inheritance gives an obligation to remain true to our values, that as Jewish tradition teaches, by saving one life, we save the world.

He seems to be getting Passover, when Jews recall being “strangers in a strange land,” with Hanukkah, the celebration of twin miracles of the victory of a small number of Jews over Greek invaders of Jerusalem and of a one-day’s supply of pure olive oil burning for eight days after the holy Menorah was relit.

It is no wonder he got confused because Passover also has been used by President Barack Obama to promote his political agenda. This past year, as in previous years, the President acted as a would-be Torah sage to declare that Jews must drive into their minds that Arabs deserve their freedom just like Jews won their freedom with the help of God.

He meant freedom for Arabs in Judea and Samaria, where their main lack of freedom is to kill Jews at will, and not in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and other Muslim countries where freedom is a strange word in a strange land.

Chabad Rabbi Levi Shemtov expressed a different political interpretation on whose lack of freedom should be remembered.

After declaring his sorrow for the victims of the terror attack in San Bernardino, he said:

They, their families, their loved ones that are mourning are with us in our prayers and in our celebration today. So are the families of all those innocent souls in Paris. … We must remember them as we celebrate our freedom.
Because even though we and France are two free countries, freedom is not free, and when it is disrupted, we must pause and remember those who give their lives in that cause.



  1. I have to tell you that I disagree with your philosophy. I am a 72 yr old Jewish woman and I know that Hashem loves all of H – s creatiocn. We Jews are H – s chosen people but that doesn’t mean we have more privileges than other peoples. It means that we have a special calling on our lives. That calling is too bring Hashem to the gentiles. You do that with love.

  2. This country has a shameful past of bigotry towards,Chinese, , Germans and Japanese. These people were put in concentration camps because of the fear and prejudice of idiots in government and the ignorance of others. Blacks have been exploited for hundreds of years and still are by bullies who have the nerve to wear a uniform and call them selves cops. People may ask where is G-d, but I would ask , Where are men when the going is rough and wrong? There have always been radicals in religion, just look at the Crusades!

  3. I don't recall of any Chinese or Germans being put in concentration camps. As for blacks, Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863. I hope all the police in your neighborhood, leave. Then you may police yourself. Do yourself a ffavor and read some history books on these topics.

  4. Prior to the next time that the current incumbent of the White House pretends to educate us about the virtues of his preferred ideology, National Geographic and the Public Broadcasting Station should air a documentary of the life and conduct of its founder. The current incumbent seems to perversely enjoys white-washing the founder's conduct and by extension endorsing it.

  5. Every opportunity is good for hussein obaana to push on his pr and remind jews they should forget Israel and give it out to arabs whoi need so badly a 22nd State whereas Jews do not need even one State. hussein banana you're an hypocrit and and an tisemite. Get lost.

  6. albabblan ! you should look in your brain first if you have one/ Do you only know what a concentration campis and what they did there in europe? just toput some brain under yourskull : they killed, burned, maimed themin europe. What did they do in the US? they served meals to them. So shut up until you get a brain.

  7. I would llike to tell the fool who would like to stop "the money" to Israel : Israel gets no money from the US only a military aid of 3 billion per year for being a bulwark to save the free world from islam. It would cost the US 3 billion per day to do the same work.

  8. Sounds like he's speaking to our values as both Jews and as Americans. Chanukah is not just a history lesson…it's a lesson on how we should live our lives going forward, which means offering others the freedom we celebrate for ourselves.

  9. In Canada, when a mosque was firebombed, the local Jewish community invited the mosque's attendees to come pray in their synagogue. That's how you respond to terrorists: not by joining them by advocating violence, but by doubling down on tolerance, acceptance, and solidarity. Your editorial policy allowing the advocacy of violence against anyone is a shonda — a shame that should make you cover your faces.

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