Can You Double-Bill Clients?

Usually you cannot double-bill, but the answer to your question depends on the contractual arrangement or local custom.

That Bloomberg “Centrist” Bloomlet

The United States is seized with issues that old style American liberalism simply couldn’t get its arms around.

Penalty For Passover Observance

The Airports Authority claimed the employee did not follow procedures for requesting annual leave, which include accounting for absences due to religious observance.

Trump Pivot?

Doubtless what moved the Democrats was the revelation that intelligence officials reported the antifa threat to the Obama administration some time ago with apparently no response from the president or any key aides.

Are You Really ‘With Me’?

If G-d told Balaam not to go with Balak’s men, why did He seemingly “change His mind” and later allow him to go?

Two-Tier Advertising Prices

"Charging a price significantly different from the norm is a violation of ona'ah," explained Rabbi Dayan.

As Rockets Rain Down On Our Brothers And Sisters (Part II)

The Gemara (Meseches Megillah) wonders why Esther invited Haman to a private feast. How could she have sat at a private meal with such a monster?

Medical AI On The Rise

Amazon claims Amazon Transcribe Medical is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), but some fear that patients’ privacy isn’t completely protected.

UNESCO’s Fictive Reality

To even contemplate a factual demonstration proving otherwise would bespeak a profound level of Jewish national insecurity. But the issue must be addressed.

Senator Schumer’s Welcome Decision

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry seem never to miss an opportunity to caution us that Israel’s opposition to the agreement will further isolate it around the world.

Dear Dr. Yael

It is important to remember that nothing will work all of the time and that you will probably still have difficult moments, but it is how you handle these difficult moments that will determine how things turn out in the future.

Iran, Obama And Netanyahu

Drawing Congress into the Iran nuclear debate is the last thing the White House wants.

Why Did Avraham Care?

When others see that serving Hashem is rewarded with material abundance, G-d’s name is sanctified. It is a kiddush Hashem.

Can Brick And Mortar Stores Survive?

These are just some of the many examples of how the retail landscape is rapidly evolving. But is it too little too late?

The Unseemly Attacks On David Friedman

We are encouraged that Mr. Trump has signaled that he will have no truck with such legal legerdemain.

A Real Maverick

When he was still in high school in Telshe, Maverick made a list of possible jobs he would like to someday pursue. One of those listed was “radio.”

The NYS Department Of Education And Non-Public Schools

The Department will continue to review the comments and based on the breadth of comments received and the varying views expressed, the Department will re-engage stakeholders for further discussion on this important issue.

Why Do So Many People Not Sleep In A Sukkah?

Ashkenazic society for over 700 years has considered sleeping in the sukkah to be a chumrah, not a requirement.

The Phantom Of Palestine

Truth is not a tenet of Islam – which perhaps explains how the very basis of the modern battle against Israel can be based on a lie: the lie of “Palestine.”

Covid-19 And Anti-Semitism – Two Viruses Join Forces

Let’s be clear. Nothing can be done about all this. There is no stopping the propagation of hate that has the Internet at its disposal.

Color War!

Some breakouts are smart, others are silly, but they all make for fun conversation and hopefully fond memories.

United We Stand

Taking revenge on another individual is like taking revenge on oneself.

David Friedman’s Nomination Clears Important Hurdle

Given the unanimous vote by the Republicans on the committee in support of Mr. Friedman, it’s highly likely that the Republican-controlled Senate will confirm him as well.

The Signs Of A Healthy Ego

It’s hard to believe, but friendship truly begins by believing in yourself and having the ability to accept both constructive criticism and affection.

Reopening The Economy

As of Monday, there were a reported 350,000 coronavirus cases in the United States, which has a population of 325 million. There have been 10,000 deaths so far.

My Beloved Grandfather Rabbi Sholom Klass

The fun memories are nice and have a sweet taste of my childhood and my great love for my Zaidy.

Corona Anxiety

Once you are feeling anxious, it is imperative to try to calm yourself down so you can set yourself up for success.


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