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The Jewish Soul Of Meyer Lansky

In 1946, Lansky ordered his men to help bring Holocaust survivors to Eretz Yisrael and facilitate the establishment of the Jewish state.

Leading With Love

The Chofetz Chaim says that if one has the power to correct a situation among Klal Yisrael and fails to do so, he is culpable for any blood spilled among them.

Requiem For A Bookstore

Judaica was everywhere: crammed on glass shelves, teetering atop narrow display cases, peeking from behind cardboard boxes in the store’s sprawling interior.

The Target Is Chassidim, Not Overdevelopment

The actions of the political class and many locals in Rockland prove that overdevelopment is not their real issue. They oppose chassidim in general due to their dress code, religion, family size, and a number of other reasons that can be properly called fake news.

A Shul With A Story: Baron Hirsch Synagogue (Part I)

Although some Memphis Jews were slaveholders and slave traders, they mostly favored secession primarily due to their Southern acculturation rather than by the defense of slavery.

The Shining Sea Of Galilee

It’s possible that this body of water actually does not have its own name and is identified instead by the most prominent city on its banks.

Daf Yomi

A Bride and Groom On Their Wedding Day ‘Except for the Day after Yom Kippur’ (Kereisos 25a)

Countering The BDS Scourge

Luckily, anti-Israel students do us a favor. They paint such an inaccurate portrait of Israel that when we show students the reality, it almost always changes their minds.

Daf Yomi

The Contradiction That Yielded 50 Explanations 'He Says to His Maidservant: You Are Free' (Temura 25b)

The Moon? Aim Closer To Home

“Man reached the moon. But man to man he has yet to reach.”

Our National Weapon (Part Four)

The gematria of shira, another form of prayer, is also 515, conveying the idea that when singing to Hashem we can repeatedly have the same specific thing in mind.

Sailing Aboard The Titanic: A Kosher Cruise?

All the kosher food on the Titanic was prepared in a small and crowded kosher kitchen located near the third-class kitchen on the F Deck of the ship.

Getting To The Bottom Of A Tragic Disloyalty

There are many reasons why the Democrats and their Jewish supporters refuse to call out the anti-Jewish bigots on their own side and instead accuse President Trump, the most pro-Israel president in American history, of anti-Semitism.

You’re Doing What With That?

For about 12 seconds, I contemplated selling them on eBay, but mailing liquids sounded like an adventure that could only have an unhappy ending.

Rashida Tlaib Sued For $2 Million

If these people [Tlaib and Ilhan Omar] amass even more power or they’re not held accountable for the crimes they commit, what's to stop them from inciting violence against Jewish people?

A Shul With A Story: Praying In Spiritual Harmony – Young Israel Beth El...

Young Israel Beth El is more than a beautiful synagogue with unique and unified davening, it is a congregation with a soul.

Life Chronicles

I just came home from seminary and am already regretting it. 

How About A Thank You?

Hakaras hatov is rooted in the requirement to show gratitude to G-d. But from this obligation, it follows that we should also show gratitude to nature – which G-d created to sustain life – and especially His human servants whom He created and directed to do good.

Can One Work In A Non-Kosher Restaurant?

"Thank you very much for the recommendations," Mr. Weiner replied. "I have to speak to a rabbi, though, about whether I can take the jobs."

It’s All Hashgacha

My children in Cleveland set out to invite the P. family for Shabbos and, after a few weeks of scheduling conflicts, they finally enjoyed a Shabbos together and got to know these new cousins.


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