Maybe Money Is Your Children’s Business

We push our children’s money questions aside, sometimes telling them that their queries are impolite, or perhaps worrying that they will call out our own financial hypocrisy and errors.

Darkest Before The Light

Hashem, in His infinite wisdom, created the human mind with the great ability to forget or to blur out the hard and dark moment.

Concentric Circles

Each circle is crucial. Each circle reinforces and enables the others, and each contributes to the extraordinary effort that we must collectively make.

New Year, My New Name

For all the meaning a religious Jewish life can bring, let’s be honest: this is a complicated world to live in.

Don’t Panic

The soul must be saved from panic, for panic can destroy it.

Is It Proper…? Should a lawyer defend someone in court whom he thinks is...

Should a lawyer defend someone in court whom he thinks is guilty? What if the man is truly despicable (e.g., a child killer)?

The Days Of Selichos

The liturgy for the High Holiday Selichos is not found in most siddurim; rather, it is found in a special Selichos sefer, with a different selection for each day.

Letting Go

Why, if we have so many masterful presentations which resonate so deeply and create such a deep impression, do we seem to struggle so much with the very issues these videos are targeting?

Remembering The Wall (Part II)

Other words derived from this root include “chatzi” (half), “chazot” (midday or midnight), “chutz” (outside/exterior), and “cheitz” (arrow).

Word Prompt – CROWN – Sara Pachter

That moment was a personal Rosh Hashana for me. When I felt anxious or fearful, I was able to remember that crowning Hashem gives peace of mind.

Deep Dive Into The Arukh HaShulchan

In contrast to the Chafetz Chaim, Rabbi Epstein returns to the Talmud and commentaries to analyze which ones seem to offer the most accurate interpretation of the Talmud text.

Rabbi Dr. Tendler’s Greatest Influence: The Unified Truth Of Torah And Science

Certainly, one could debate the halachic consequences of these scientific fact, but never their undergirded truth.

The Season Of Our Freedom

In order for Hashem to defeat the power of Pharaoh and Mizrayim and take us out of our predicament, He had to both overthrow the audacity of Pharaoh and elevate the spiritual sanctity of Israel at once.

Just Follow Hashem’s Lead

Sometimes we set up camp for a short period of time and other times for a much longer period.

Not Only Former CIA Officials Went To Bat For Biden Against Trump

The letter falsely questioned the authenticity of documents contained on Hunter Biden’s recovered laptop, documents which would have otherwise cast his presidential candidate father in a negative light.

As Israel Copes…

To be sure, after some quick pushback from the Jewish community, the State Department strove mightily to walk back the statements.

Dreamers That We Are

Listen Faigie, I had the same dream three times. I dreamed that I owe you money. Three times is a chazaka!

Word Prompt – BEARD – Elli Fischer

From the goatees of pre-war German rabbis and post-war American rabbis, to the never-groomed beards of Chabadniks, to the thick mustaches of religious Zionists in the 1970s and 1980s, facial hair can signal group identity and ideological affiliation.

A Lapid/Bennet Deal Is A Prescription For Disaster

It was Netanyahu who made Israel the envy of the world in its distribution of the Covid vaccine. And of course, it was Benjamin Netanyahu who drove home the likely catastrophic consequences of the Iran nuclear weapons deal to anyone who would listen.

Moshiach – It’s Up To Us

But there’s one thing that we have to do ourselves, that no one can do for us. Namely, we have to want Moshiach to come.

Hochul And Team Take The Reins In New York

The eviction moratorium that’s expiring shortly will have no bearing on these individuals. We’re talking about literally sending people to their doors.

When Numbers Don’t Count

Rabbi Akiva gathered five students and taught them Torah. The fact that whereas previously thousands had gathered to hear and savor his every word and now he had only five did not deter him.

Israel: G-d’s Gift To Our People

Each time, as I behold the majesty of our beautiful land of Israel, I wonder: How is it possible that some of our people cannot see what I see – the miracle of the existence of the State of Israel?

Theodor Reik’s Studies On The Shofar And Kol Nidre

In Kol Nidre (1918), Reik begins with a recollection of visiting the home of a music-loving friend and having an inexplicably strong reaction to a haunting minor musical passage that sounded very familiar to him but which he could not place.

Learning to Feel the Music of Creation

We find perspective on the precious world around us, our own observance, and the vicissitudes of human experience.

The Uniqueness Of Sukkot

The Sukkah represents the singular character of Jewish history, the experience of exile and homecoming, the long journey across the wilderness of time.

Open Your Heart

When the incident was related to R’ Tzvi Pesach Frank, he remarked, “This young girl is destined for greatness.”

The Disturbing Legacy Of ‘Operation Susannah’ And The Lavon Affair

Ben Gurion used the broad public demand in Israel for a retaliatory action against Egypt to launch a February 28, 1955, attack on Gaza in which 39 Egyptians were killed and Israel suffered no casualties.


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