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Selling Esrogim – 300,000 Of Them

The etrog is the only pri hadar that produces fruit five times annually. For Sukkot, we keep only the last three harvests.

Roasted Zaatar Chicken

While we were there, we explored the shuk. The sights, smells and delicious food are unmatched by any other marketplace I have ever been to.

So Close Yet So Far

Since this girl has known you for the same amount of time that you have known her, you have to assume that she has made her decision with careful thought and deliberation.

The Man With The Greatest Foresight

Let's look at the realm of vision and focus on a man who had unsurpassed foresight. I refer to none other than Rav Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, zt”l, better known, and revered by all, as the Ponevezher Rav.

The Kuzari – The Original, The Second, The Third, And The New

Rabbi Dickman had great hopes for his Kuzari Shlishi, believing it would help defeat the assimilation and apathy of Jews of his day.

The Waiting Room

If you happen to be traveling to another city and someone wants to set you up while you are there, go out on a date.

In Memory Of Gail Mauer

Mom…a word I don’t normally utter. So much was embodied in those three letters.

Changing Ourselves

What differentiates us from all other creations of Hashem, such as animals for example, is our ability to choose and make change.

Williamsburg Robbery Leads To Neighborhood Scuffle

I ran after the guy," Perry told The Jewish Press. I told him to just give me the jacket – I don’t want to hurt you and you don’t want to hurt me.

A Lifelong Struggle

Before our matriarch Rivkah gave birth to Yaakov and Eisav, a Heavenly message told her they represented two opposing nations, “and one nation will struggle to overcome the other nation” (Bereishis 28:23).

10 Jobs Of The Future

As technology becomes more sophisticated, the need to ensure tech products meet certain ethical standards becomes vital.

Spiritual Mindfulness: Embracing Hillel

She is afraid to ask for the going rate for her skill set, aware that she is replaceable – and she needs the income from her job to help support her family.

Is It Proper…? How Tolerant Should a Person Be Of a Son-In-Law’s Desire To...

How tolerant should a person be of a son-in-law’s desire to keep his own minhagim at his (the father-in-law’s) Yom Tov table?

Great In Piety

“This way I am purchasing Olam Habah with the mitzvah of building a mikvah,” the rich man explained.

Political Correctness Gone Hog Wild?

A Newsweek story even suggested that at the time of his death, Baghdadi may not have been in charge of the Islamic State...

Does The Torah Care About Animal Welfare?

Animals are part of G-d’s creation. They have their own integrity in the scheme of things. This would not have been news to the heroes of the Bible.

A Shul With A Story: Baron Hirsch Synagogue (Part I)

Although some Memphis Jews were slaveholders and slave traders, they mostly favored secession primarily due to their Southern acculturation rather than by the defense of slavery.

Mother, May I?

You no longer want to be bogged down by the minutiae that we sometimes focus on in shidduchim, yet your mother doesn’t seem to agree.

Constructive Criticism

They believe that if they inundate me with beautiful gifts, it will be difficult for me to be angry with them.

‘Mike Wallace Is On The Phone And He Sounds Angry’

Wallace's reputation as a fearless investigator did not hold up when it came to coverage of Jews and Israel

Museum Acquires Historical Gems Of Boro Park

“Our story cannot be told without also including the stories of the incredible rebirth of the Jewish people – and what is Boro Park, if not that?” said Shoshana Greenwald, director of collections at the museum.

An Interview With The Yetzer Hara

Just answering amen with such a massive crowd to “v’chaim tovim aleinu v’al kol Yisrael” makes a severe dent in my efforts.

Life Chronicles

I just came home from seminary and am already regretting it. 


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