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It is always a blessing to find someone that you connect with. But in the often-complicated world of shidduchim, your psyche has thrown a wrench at your potential future together.

Rallying Against The Iran Deal

We urge readers to seek out upcoming rallies scheduled for times and places that work for them.

Food In Israel

We find daily excuses to run in to pick up just a loaf of bread, and leave with our hands laden with hot bourekas, pita, and lachmaniyot (rolls).

Word Prompt – BABY – Kylie Ora Lobell

The best things in life – practicing Judaism, being married, having children – can be very difficult. But without the struggles, we wouldn’t appreciate the joys.

Pandemic Parenting

Gam zeh yaavor is a beautiful Jewish wisdom. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good and not the bad. This difficult time will pass.

Of Thorns and Thistles (Part I)

The famous Burning Bush where Hashem introduced Himself to Moses was called a sneh, and that word appears a total of six times in the Bible.

Different Views, Yet Still United

It is inconceivable to believe that when we exited Egypt everyone in Israel had the same views on every subject and did not have the distinctiveness and uniqueness that make our people, and each individual, so important.

Some Transparency Is Needed

Surely, Judge Garland could not be unaware that keeping a focus on Jan. 6 also kept significant negatives about the most formidable potential Republican presidential candidate in the public eye.

A Mini Sefer Torah Among Items At Sotheby’s Judaica Double-Header

If not for the attention-grabbing Torah shields, I think the star of this sale would have been the most magnificent Esther scroll case for Purim I have ever seen.

A Smart Heart

To build the Mishkan, one must have the ability to hear G-d every step of the way, so that it will come out exactly the way G-d wanted it.

I Was A Slave In Egypt

One of the major messages of the Lubavitcher Rebbe was to utilize every situation in which we find ourselves for good.

Try Just Once More

It’s sometimes easier for me to pray mindlessly from a Tehillim than to search deep within myself…and cry out with heartfelt words.

Word Prompt – SINAI – Tamir Goodman

It’s the perfect time to remember that Hashem entrusted each of us with a special mission in this world.

It’s About Religion, Not Land

Why attack American or French or British Jews? Why curse "the Jews"?

Make A Difference

Finally, in a choked voice, the father said, “Yanky has a brother, Mutty, who has been in the hospital with a debilitating illness for many months.”

Tribeca Synagogue On 9/11: The Untold Story Of the Shul Near Ground Zero

Rabbi Glass still didn’t know what happened to his wife. He rushed over to the neighborhood police station, the 1st precinct, to get advice about what to do. “I can’t give you any guidance,” the police officer said. “But if you want my personal opinion: get out of New York.”

Jewish President Of Student Senate Who Led Passage Of BDS Resolution Decries Anti-Semitism Against...

Avi Gordon, executive director of Alums for Campus Fairness, continued, But what happened at Virginia Tech is extra vile because of how it happened and it was unanimous … and it happened rapidly.

Tuition Refund For Toxic Anti-Semitism: Is That It?

According to The Guardian newspaper, the student complained that anti-Semitic graffiti was painted throughout the school and that pro-Israel students were called “Zionists.”

Helping College Students Deal With Stress

Texas A&M University researchers are developing a platform to help students keep track of their mental health.

Do You Have OCD – Obsessive Charedi Disorder?

Could it be that his “constructive criticism” is destructive slander?

Even On Covid-19, Left And Right Are Divided

Hysteria is to the left what oxygen is to biological life.

Taking Responsibility For One Another

The rebbi felt terrible that there was a child sitting in his class who was not eating lunch…

The Power Of Speech

Ask any counselor or therapist and you will hear of the great damage caused to children who were insulted by their parents or teachers, siblings or peers.


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