Unlocking Your Davening Potential

One of the best parts of this book is that along with the footnoted, scholarly answers, the author provides practical suggestions for different portions of prayer.

A Lesser-Known Story Of The Jewish Influence On Literature

The book demonstrates that various literary motifs were heavily influenced or established by Jewish writers, including time travel, alternative history, utopia/dystopia, and – of course – comedy.

Is Zionism An Aspect Of Judaism?

Judaism isn’t a religion like other religions the world has become familiar with over the past two thousand years. Judaism isn’t just about G-d, beliefs, and action, it is about peoplehood.

Yankel and Leah – Chapter 3

It had never before occurred to him in such stark terms that his G-d and the G-d of his father were not the same. In fact, they were very different.

Pro-Israel Lawmaker Nicole Malliotakis Joins Congressional Trip To Jerusalem

“I’ve been very vocal and strong about Ilhan Omar…she didn’t go on this trip, which I think is important to note because she would have almost served as an embarrassment; somebody that is anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-American,” Malliotakis said.

Faith and Faithfulness

Both transgressions - cheating with weights and measures and questioning Providence - have the same root, since they both indicate a lack of emunah in Hashem.

Does She Deserve A Refund?

The sale is valid since the food is essentially of the same type, and most people are not particular how an animal is raised.

Your Rabbi Is Not Superman

Learn your rabbi’s strengths and figure out how to delegate the rest

Cut Yourself Down A Few Notches

This lashon hara led to Bnei Yisrael crying over nothing, which in turn resulted in the divine punishment of bechia l’doros, crying throughout the generations over the destruction of two Temples and many other Jewish calamities.

COJO Flatbush CEO: ‘We Weren’t Going To Let COVID Stop Us.’

COJO Flatbush was on the front lines as Census officials were forced by the pandemic to rethink and replace long-planned strategies.

Living Under A Pandemic: A Glimpse Of Life On One Settlement

My wife, who works harder than I do, wants me to emphasize the positive changes that the health crisis has inspired.

The Technique Of Acting

Pray with great joy, even if this happiness is forced. Happiness is always a virtue, but it is especially so during prayer.

Avinu Malkeinu – A Prayer With A Variety Of Customs

It is taught that the power of this prayer lies in its dual declaration of G-d as both our Father and our King.

City Council Candidates Introduce Themselves To COJO Flatbush Board Members

There was little disagreement among the candidates, all Democrats, regarding the big issues, and so each stressed his or her personal and professional qualifications.

Customer Service & School Dress Codes

Here in Modi’in we have a wonderful Absorption Department, with olim coordinators that go above and beyond to help.

Masechet Kiddushin – With A Government Warning

We can see that the rabbis in the Talmud themselves understood and found error in the practices of those times.

De Blasio Tries To Move On From Post-Funeral Tweet

His lack of leadership during the critical early days makes him indirectly responsible for having killed many New Yorkers.

The Flowers In Jerusalem

Being a grandparent has the privilege of enjoying the children, while the actual caring and challenging long hours of bringing them up, rests upon their parents.

Counting One’s Blessings

The older we get, the wiser we get, and the more mistakes we have made over time, the more experience we have gained.

As Everyone Stays Home, Waters Overflow In Israel

They were taught that a congregation can only pray for relief from one disaster. Which one should they pray for G-d to stop: the plague or the famine?

Dear Dr. Yael

You somehow need to see this second relationship as another chapter in your life. This does not mean that the loving years that you shared with your first husband should ever be forgotten.

A Fighter For Holocaust Survivors

Edith Pollak would go on to work 14 hours a day reading notes from survivors and gathering information for files needed to reclaim their stolen funds, such as age, town, and the concentration camp and ghettos where they were imprisoned.

Dear Dr. Yael

In reality, though, you need to marry against your negative imago... It is very difficult for people with a negative imago to marry against their imago.

Word Prompt – TRADITION – Anat Coleman

At the height of the pandemic, for example, New Yorkers came together in a new tradition of making noise at 7 p.m. each evening in support of our essential workers.

Thwarting The Education Commissariat

As it turned out, Judge Ryba ruled that NYSED did not follow the procedures set forth in the NY State Administrative Procedure Act for the promulgation of the guidelines.

A Shul With A Story: Praying In Spiritual Harmony – Young Israel Beth El...

Young Israel Beth El is more than a beautiful synagogue with unique and unified davening, it is a congregation with a soul.

Daf Yomi

In Our Days ‘We Do Not Seize a Surety From Children’ (Shekalim 3b)

My Black Uber Driver In Philly

Many people oppose generalizations. “You’re generalizing,” is a common objection to an argument using a generalization. The objecting person assumes that charge alone defeats the generalizer’s argument.

Back To Normal?

My husband and I debated what was best for the kids. We wanted to do whatever we could to keep them safe, but we also wanted to give them their best opportunities to grow, learn, and have fun.


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