Extraordinary List Of Speakers To Address Sunday’s Achdus Event

Called “Vayicha Sham Yisrael Neged Hahar – K’Ish Echad B’Lev Echad,” the event is dedicated to the memory of the Noviminsker Rebbe.

Better, But Substantially Flawed

Once again, the Jewish community is being given the opportunity to weigh in, until May 30, on a regulation that will directly impact it.

Should We Pray Against The New Israeli Government?

Many right-wing Israelis are furious at Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for joining a coalition that contains left-wing parties opposed to settling Judea and Samaria.

After the Honeymoon: Hypnosis and OCD

Most medical doctors treat OCD with medication to calm the amygdala. She was informed by her doctor that OCD could not be cured, but with medication it could be maintained. The fact remains that the medication's side effects were worse than the OCD itself.

Pay Again?

A lender holding a loan document acknowledged that he received payment, but claimed that the payment was for another, undocumented, loan.

Don’t Let Your Anger Get The Best Of You!

Often we have negative voices that we listen to in our heads. Voices that tell us that we are a “loser,” that we will “never succeed,” or that we need to be better at something.

Praying For A Hero

Until he got sick, Yudi, of course, had never missed a day of wearing tefillin since his bar mitzvah.

The Big ‘Little’ Wedding

We live our lives in such fast motion with all the advancement of this generation, that we really get caught up in the moment and forget who is running the show.

Who Are The Black Hebrew Israelites?

In mainstream black culture, many were introduced to the Black Hebrew Israelites following the release of a song by rapper Kedrick Lamar in 2017, in which he says, “I'm not a politician, I'm not 'bout a religion. I'm a Israelite, don't call me black no mo.”

The Tale Of The Metal Detectors

Indeed, religious buildings in major Muslim religious centers such as Mecca and Medina are protected by the devices, as is the Vatican.

My Mother, Irene Klass

There wasn’t anything that I was afraid to ask my mother, and no matter the question she always gave me the honest answer.

6,000 Gather For Grand Shluchim Banquet – Speech Excerpts

As wonderful as it is to be without pain, life requires so much more: purpose, meaning, charity, love, wisdom, and kindness.

Rehabilitating Criminals The Jewish Way

In our society, one of the biggest problems is the burgeoning jail population. Society is saddled with sheltering and catering to the needs of its malefactors and, sadly, the system is largely ineffective.

Some Leadership Lessons From Moshe

We do not expect those elected to be Moshe Rabbeinu. Still, the parshi’ot that will accompany the election campaign in the weeks ahead should remind us of how, ideally, those in leadership roles should conduct themselves.

Ignoring God

The governor couldn’t believe the audacity of the man. He immediately called the police to arrest him.

Is It Proper To Ask Someone To Leave Your Makom Kavuah In Shul?

The idea that a makom kavuah is, essentially, private property whose owner is entitled to designate who may and may not use it, is well-founded in the classic halachic literature.

Items From The Late Rhodesia

In the 1930s, many Jews left Rhodes (which belonged to Italy since 1912) after Benito Mussolini decided to make an alliance with Hitler and anti-Semitism increased.

When Niels Bohr Met Jonas Salk

Challenging medical orthodoxy, which held that only vaccines made of living viruses could provide effective, enduring immunity, Jonas Edward Salk (1914-95) produced a “killed-virus”...

Don’t Chase Hashem Away

While this story is quite remarkable, we must wonder: Why did Hashem allow Ezra’s holy Sefer Torah to be defaced in the first place?

How Hashem Waits For Us

I believe that the plague of the firstborn was meant to occur at the very beginning. It was only Bnei Yisrael’s lack of faith that required nine plagues to precede it.

Did Yisro Convert To Escape The Death Penalty?

How could Moshe rush to convert him so quickly? Because it was a matter of life and death.

We’re Talking Too Much

Some people are returning to shul after enjoying casual porch minyanim and are bringing the cavalier attitude they had on their porches with them.

A Threat From Outside

Openness to acculturation, assimilation, and the foreign influences of the street leads to the destruction of the sanctity of the Jewish home.

Judge Of The Truth

There are judges and lawyers both in secular and religious courts who ignored the facts so as to curry favor with the more prominent party in a financial or custody dispute. They frame their actions as being halachically justifiable.


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