In Memory Of My Mother, Peppy Sternheim Lewin, a”h: The Woman Responsible for Sugihara’s...

All who knew her benefited from her wisdom. In fact, her wisdom saved thousands of Jewish lives.

Rabbi Menashe Ben Israel: The Chacham Who Opened England To Jews

He was fluent in 10 languages and had a broad knowledge of medicine, mathematics, and astronomy.

In Search Of A Teudat Zehut

In an apparent effort to ensure both employee and public safety, only a limited number of people were being allowed into the building at a time.

Doughnuts Galore

Every gift came with a personalized note, letting the recipient know that her Secret Maccabee was thinking of her.

A Transatlantic Fund

The project had a dual objective: to alleviate these families’ financial woes, and to establish personal ties with them with the aim of showing that Jews in America cared.

A Mega ‘Thank You’ At The Kotel

The intent of the prayer is to teach us to give thanks for surviving potentially life-threatening situations.

The Widow Who Mourned For 10 Years

A widespread custom at the time among Syrian Jews was to have a pizmon written and composed in honor of major life-style occasions such as bar mitzvahs and wedding celebrations.

From The Ashes: A Machzor

The title page features a harrowing illustration of a Torah ark engulfed in flames, underscored by a verse taken from the Binding of Isaac.

The Left Couldn’t Care Less About Blacks

Black murderers and rapists are the only people in America told that no matter what they did, they are not responsible for it.

Greater Accountability Needed For The PA

Ms. Hotovely makes a powerful common sense argument for transparency with regard to international aid to the PA.

Ariella Zeitlin: Violin Like That

“I didn’t choose the violin because of my grandfather. But I definitely had the idea that the violin was important when I was very young,” she noted.

One Very Special Bar Mitzvah

I stood with him during his entire haftorah reading, rarely prompting him (because he really did know it) and it was not just exceptional; it was better than he had ever practiced.

Title: Turf Wars

The book contains multitudes, all woven together so beautifully. The story is complex, as are the characters. It is fast-paced and character-driven. A page-turner.

Vegan Black Tahini Truffles

The nuttiness of the sesame adds a lot of depth to the dates and chocolate coating.

The Democrats And The Revealed Word

For Schumer, the Justices have no acceptable alternative but to invalidate the emerging restrictions on abortions.

Procrastination, Colors, And The IKEA Effect

One of the book’s most creative and powerful essays discusses the so-called “IKEA effect,” which asserts that people value things in accordance with the amount of effort they put into getting or building them.

A Shul With A Story: Rocky Mountain Chai

The shul is not only open to every Jew; it is accessible to every Jew.

The Aim Of Chassidus: Heartfelt Prayer

It is known among all the world’s religions that it is impossible for all members of a religion to be equally careful in observing the religion absolutely with all one’s heart and soul in all details.

Living Amidst Plenty

The true challenge of our lives, as described in Sefer Devarim, is living with prosperity – in a society where everything is abundantly available.

The First Ladino Book

The author writes in his introduction that he believes Sephardic Jews need to view themselves as Levantines, no longer as Sephardim, and adapt and modernize themselves to continue to be competitive in business.

U.S. Agunot Have Reason To Celebrate

The specter of being hauled into a Rabbinical Court upon arrival in Israel sufficed to convince a number recalcitrant husbands to reconsider their position.

Preparations for Pesach

I go to sleep hoping things will change in the morning and this big nightmare will be over and then the morning comes and all I hear are new restrictions regarding this crazy epidemic.


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