What Happened To The Marketplace Of Ideas?

Unfortunately, there are those on the left who believe that only ideas with which they identify qualify for entrance into the marketplace.

When A Judge Can’t Make Up His Mind

If two of you are of the same opinion, the case is effectively decided!

Laws And Orders

Classical writing requires ink and paper, which are technically separable. In engraving, the material being engraved becomes the writing.

Jumping For Passover

What does “Pesach” mean? Rashi (to Exodus 12:11 and 12:13 and Isaiah 31:5) explains that it is an expression of dilug and kefitzah (types...

Too Close For Comfort

"I asked Rabbi Dayan and he said I shouldn't seat you near Mr. Fine," explained the gabbai. Mr. Gold approached Rabbi Dayan and asked him the reasoning behind his directive.

Are Our Prayers Repulsive?

I watched the teller, who clearly did not appreciate this person’s lack of etiquette. ... It was then that I realized what the Mesilas Yesharim meant.

The Future Of Fake News

Not long ago, a small political party in Belgium also made a deepfake. It produced a video of President Trump encouraging Belgium to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. The video was met with anger and outrage – except that it was a fake.

King Abdullah, The Moderate – Is He Really?

Honoring Abdullah only reinforces his perception that there will be no consequences for his anti-Israel actions – that Jews will keep praising him no matter what. He needs to hear the opposite.

Reading For All Ages

With so many new cases of ADHD reported each year, it is important to help children learn how to sit still.

Designer Adds Two New Zionist Figurines To His Collection

It occurred to me that the Israeli souvenir market needed to be thoroughly revamped, and that there’s room for more updated souvenirs besides archaic Judaica products...

Mordechai And The Mute

Soon it was time for the cutting of the omer. However, to the great dismay of the people, there was not one among the Kohanim who knew where a barley field could be found.

Anti-Semitism On Campus – Finally Some Pushback

The DOE letter was published in the Federal Register and is seen as a move to put other universities on notice.

A Shul With A Story: The Warmth Down Under

A small group of members began to explore possibilities for a permanent site for the growing congregation.

Greatness Lies In All Us

Not only is a person capable of saying Shema while being tortured and killed; he must do so.

Anti-Semites Can Stay Out

The notion that a democracy must lay out the welcome mat to all comers defies logic. Israel’s democratically elected government made a decision that it believed to be in the country’s best interest.

COJO Flatbush Postpones Legislative Breakfast Due To Public Health Concerns

Welz expressed gratitude for the guidance he received from medical professionals and community leaders before making what he termed a “difficult but necessary decision.”

Daf Yomi

A Vicious Cycle ‘Many Different Kinds Were Set Before Him’ (Berachos 41a)

Goodbye Gas

It’s a costly endeavor and, for many, the ROI (return on investment) just doesn’t seem to be there yet.

Yaakov Avinu’s New Name

Note, first, that this is not an adjustment of an existing name by the change or addition of a letter, It is an entirely new name, as if to signal that what it represents is a complete change of character. Second, as we have seen, the name change happened not once but twice. Third – and this is the puzzle of puzzles – having said twice that his name will no longer be Yaakov, the Torah continues to call him Yaakov. G-d Himself does so.

Can You Double-Bill Clients?

Usually you cannot double-bill, but the answer to your question depends on the contractual arrangement or local custom.

Q & A: Idol Worship?

Question: What did our sages mean when they said that anyone who resides outside the Land of Israel is like an idol worshipper? Is that what all of us residing outside Israel are – idol worshippers? M. Goldblum (Via E-Mail)

New Mind-Reading Technology

Brain activation patterns for simple thoughts or emotions – while interesting and newsworthy – hardly provide insight into the more complex and abstract thoughts that humans regularly have.


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