On Campus Due Process

In retrospect, we cannot understand how some members of the Senate Judiciary Committee urged voting against Kavanaugh.

‘Amen’ – Not A Simple Word

A person who responds “Amen” with all his might…has the power to open all the gates surrounding Gan Eden.

What’s The Problem?

What about emotional and mental health issues? How do we get to the root of those? There are diagnostics, tests, and surveys to help diagnose emotional or mental issues. But, we all know that there are times that we get it wrong.

Pass It On

As soon as a person gets used to whatever they have, or are doing, it becomes mundane, and we feel that it isn’t so special or important after all.

William Barr’s Cautionary Speech

Obviously, Barr has been made aware of what both have turned up, and the odds are that he is not just blowing smoke.

JTA Editor Thanks Radical Bernie Sanders Surrogate

“Who needs enemies when you have Jews who behave in such a fashion?” Dov Hikind, head of Americans Against Antisemitism, said about Adkins.

The Shining Sea Of Galilee

It’s possible that this body of water actually does not have its own name and is identified instead by the most prominent city on its banks.

Is It Time To Bring Back The JDL?

Underlying the question "Should we bring back the JDL?" is the presumption that we possess the ability, the power, the wherewithal, and the will to revive the JDL and that anyone can lead it.

Shuls And Schools Across New York And New Jersey Close Their Doors

At Monsey's Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven, four-year-old Tani Kahana has been davening together with his class on a video chat.

Jacob’s Three Names

How do we know that Yeshurun is Yaakov? One place where the equivalence is clear is a passage recited before the morning prayers.

Open Door Policy

Your strength and desire to change is a testament to their parenting and love.


This person was hotheaded and exclaimed: “You mind your own affairs; I will do as I please!”

Putting The Saudis To The Test

Predictably, several senators are having second thoughts after being exposed to Mr. Obama’s legendary blandishments.

Processing The IG Report And The Drive To Impeach

The resolution also charges Mr. Trump with obstruction of Congress by directing the Executive Branch “to defy lawful subpoenas” seeking testimony and documents relating to its Ukrainian probe.

The Volozhin Graduate In Port Chester, NY

The tribute Sam writes to his father in this book, though loving and respectful, sounds akin to what someone might write about viewing the pyramids from afar with a telescope.

Be A Winner, Not A Whiner

Now is the time for you to focus on what you have to offer to this world, to your community, and to a spouse.

Bill The Profiler

Rather than relying on the NYPD to be alert to unacceptably large assemblages they may encounter, the mayor ordered a proactive investigative blitz in primarily Jewish areas to root out violators.

The First BAA/NBA Field Goal And Assist: Both Scored By Jews

For example, New York Daily News sports editor Paul Gallico wrote in the mid-1930s that basketball "appeals to the Hebrew with his Oriental background [because] the game places a premium on an alert, scheming mind and flashy trickiness, artful dodging and general smart-alecness."

Must-Have Winter Accessories

I may or may not have a slight attachment to my phone, so I love gloves that allow you to easily text and talk.

Remembering A Gentle Giant: Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, zt”l

He was an intellectual giant, but at the same time “down to earth,” always shying away from kavod. He had no airs about him. He was accessible.

Democrats Pursue Impeachment… Because They Can

In Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president, he urges an investigation into Ukrainian ties to the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller and allegations of financial corruption involving Ukraine, Joe Biden, and his son. So what?

Who Would Have Thought? The ADL’s Progressive Creds Challenged

The ADL in the past few years has, with few exceptions, mimicked the progressive line. It has criticized President Trump and other Republican leaders to an extent that has triggered charges that it has become an arm of the Democratic Party.

Is It Proper…? May one use data derived from unethical research?

May one use data derived from unethical research (an extreme example of which would be data from Nazi research that used human test subjects instead of lab rats and caused unimaginable suffering)?

These Six Players Died In 2019

The biggest name who died in 2019 was a superstar as a player and a trailblazer as a manager.

Sailing Aboard The Titanic: A Kosher Cruise?

All the kosher food on the Titanic was prepared in a small and crowded kosher kitchen located near the third-class kitchen on the F Deck of the ship.


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