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Where Are You?

Rabbi Wertheimer writes that "ayeh" is used when one has no inkling where something is, while "eifo" is used when one does have a general sense of where it is.

Slavery And Statues

Radical activists now advocate that anyone – poet, politician, inventor, or writer – who owned slaves at any time in history be vilified and pilloried.

Jewish Communal Fund Sends Out Record-Breaking $456 Million in Grants in FY 2019

In FY 2019, JCF distributed 23 percent of assets, well above the industry average.

Visiting Ancestors, Discovering Nazi Berlin

Why had the Nazis left untouched this massive testimony to a people they were determined to eradicate?

Is It Proper…? Is the desire to be more machmir than one’s father good,...

Is the desire to be more machmir than one’s father good, bad, or neutral?

Bouncing Back: How To Gain Resilience

We do a lot of talking to ourselves without even realizing it – and some of the stories that we tell ourselves can either help us bounce back or force us deeper into the struggle.


If a person relies on human beings, Hashem will remove His hashgachah and leave the person in the hands of those whom he is depending on…

Is It Proper…? Should a person feel guilty for using an English ArtScroll Gemara...

Should a person feel guilty for using an English ArtScroll Gemara (as opposed to struggling with the original Aramaic)?

Power And Politics (Part III): Early Modern Eastern Europe (1500-1800)

Through a series of expulsions, forced conversions and general violence, European Jewry looked eastward, particularly towards Poland and Lithuania for respite.

The Other Side of the Cork: Elviwines-Clos Mesorah, a Journey Blending Jewish History and...

They were not willing to compromise on quality regardless of the difficulties that come with producing kosher wines.

The Conflict Between Judah and Joseph

The character trait that makes me personally identify with Judah – is his humanness and the fact that he makes mistakes in his lifetime but has the strength and ability to own up to his wrongdoings and start over.

The Other Side of the Cork: A Closer Look into Burgundy

In exciting news to both Madeb and myself, we learned that there would be three new wines from Burgundy produced by the Aegerter winery.

Daf Yomi

Seizing An Opportunity? ‘More Than 100 Witnesses’ (Kerisos 11b-12a)

Elevated Gratitude

G-d, as it were, requires man’s assistance in revealing His presence in the world. Avram’s job was to spread G-d’s message in a world where He was obscured by idol worship.

‘I Don’t Have Strength Anymore For The Bomb Shelter’: A Personal Account of Living...

We treated more than 40 people suffering from anxiety attacks, several who had to be hospitalized.

How About A Thank You?

Hakaras hatov is rooted in the requirement to show gratitude to G-d. But from this obligation, it follows that we should also show gratitude to nature – which G-d created to sustain life – and especially His human servants whom He created and directed to do good.

Convicted For Sending A Smiley Emoji

Context needs to be taken into consideration as well. Some emojis have specific meanings in certain industries and no meaning in others.

World’s Largest Menorah On Fifth Avenue

Over the years, the World's Largest Menorah has been lit by New York City Mayors Abraham Beame, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, Rudolph Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio – and Governors George Pataki and David Paterson, as well as other dignitaries.

Shlomo HaMelech And The Three Brothers

“You can have your choice,” said the wise king. “You can choose to take this gold, 100 pieces each, or I can give you each three pieces of advice.”

Esav Had No Excuse

The fire of truth burned brightly before Esav, but he was headstrong.


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