Photo Credit: Jewish Press

At first I thought, Come on, is that really a word?

But it is! The second thought I had was of candles and dripping wax. It brought me to memories of when I was a young girl, holding the havdalah candle. Watching and feeling the wax drip down on my fingers. Molding to the shape of my hand. At first the hot wax burned, and then soon after it quickly cooled off and hardened. Allowing me to peel it off with such ease.


This can be a wonderful metaphor for an interesting life lesson. How at times life can sting and burn you, and before you know it, it begins to take shape. Like struggles or traumas that perhaps are represented by that dripping burning wax and they begin to mold who you are, just like the wax on your hand. It becomes a part of you.

Once you begin to process those challenges, that sting is not as potent anymore, the cooling process has begun. The effects of our struggles begin to take shape but they seem to have a smoother appearance with time. Once the experience is completely cooled off, you can peel off the wax with such ease. Basically, the healing process is complete.

That is how I feel today. My skin is smooth and no longer waxy emotionally, mentally and most definitely physically. Someone else can hold the havdalah candle.


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