Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
IDF paratroopers raided the luxury neighborhood of Rimal in Gaza City, November 19, 2023.

The Paratrooper Brigade in cooperation with armor, engineering, and air force units are fighting in the neighborhood of Sheikh Ijlin in southern Gaza City near the coastal road, and the neighborhood of Rimal some 3 kilometers from the center of Gaza City. The fighters located some 35 tunnel shafts and many weapons and eliminated terrorists.

The brigade also raided a military camp used by the Hamas’s military intelligence, and located ammunition depots and 7 rocket launchers.


Rimal is considered the luxury neighborhood of the Gaza Strip where senior Hamas commanders lived and used the civilian space for terrorist activity. Within the neighborhood, there are military posts and government buildings.

IDF paratroopers raided the luxury neighborhood of Rimal in Gaza City, November 19, 2023. / IDF Spokesperson

IDF fighter jets destroyed many Hamas terrorist infrastructures in the neighborhoods of Jabaliya, Zeytun, and Beit Lahia. Over the past 24 hours, the fighters of the Nahal Brigade fought on the outskirts of the Jabaliya neighborhood, encountering and eliminating Hamas terrorists.

In one of the battles, a Nahal Brigade combat team identified a terrorist squad that was about to fire on the troops from the roof of a residential building, and the force directed a warplane from a distance to eliminate the terrorists. A consequent search revealed weapons and military equipment in civilian residential buildings.

Meanwhile, an IDF Navy flotilla of missile boats attacked Hamas targets along the Gaza Strip coastline using thousands of munitions from the sea, and providing the the ground forces with fire escorts, thwarting land threats against IDF infantry and armored forces.

Along the northern border, following a recent alert, the air defense fighters successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial craft that crossed over from Lebanon. IDF forces responded with an attack on Lebanese territory.

Earlier, IDF warplanes destroyed Hezbollah infrastructures inside Lebanese territory. In response to about ten launches of mortar bombs that fell in an open area, the IDF attacked the source of the shooting in Lebanese territory.

This followed an IDF warplane attack on Hezbollah targets on Saturday night:


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