Photo Credit: Abu Ali Express
The ruins of the family home of Ahmed A-Najjar in Khan Yunis, Gaza, November 12, 2023.

Here is the Gazan journalist Ahmed A-Najjar, one of the photojournalists who participated in documenting the Hamas massacre on October 7, taking care to add a watermark with his name so that everyone knows that he is the man. His images included the abuse of dead Jewish soldiers. He was very proud.


Local sources in Gaza reported that 13 members of the A-Najjar family in the Bnei Sahila neighborhood of Khan Yunis were killed in an Israeli air attack. Below is a video of the ruins.

Let’s hope that next time he won’t be doing the reporting but will be reported about.

Following the October 7 massacre, the Shin Bet created a new unit dedicated to tracking and eliminating every single individual who crossed the Israeli border on Shabbat Simchat Torah. The new unit is named NILI (The Rock of Israel Will Not Lie), after the guerilla group that was established by Aaron and Sara Aaronsohn to aid the British forces against the Turks during WW1.

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