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Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron

The Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups have threatened Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with an escalation in terrorism. The threats were issued over Netanyahu’s plans to visit a Jewish holy site in Hevron.

Netanyahu is planning to visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpelah), the resting place of the Biblical patriarchs and matriarchs and one of Judaism’s most holy sites.


Fatah spokesman Osama Qawasmi issued a statement reiterating Fatah’s traditional claim that the Tomb is a Muslim, not Jewish, holy place. The site “is solely a mosque,” he claimed.

Fatah similarly claims that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Kotel (Western Wall), and the tomb of the biblical matriarch Rachel in Bethlehem are exclusively Muslim holy places.

Qawasmi warned that if Netanyahu follows through with his planned visit, “we will defend our holy places.”

A Hamas spokesman similarly threatened violence if Netanyahu followed through with the “crime” of visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Fatah is headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas has previously termed Jewish visits to the Temple Mount a “desecration,” and has accused Israel posing a threat to the holy site.


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Maayana Miskin has lived in Israel since 2003 and is a student of political science. She lives in Haifa with her family.


  1. This goes to the relationship of ownership and sacred space, and also the the actual definition of ‘sacred space’…..that it’s not really sacred, if Anybody’- claims they own it—- but that may be too advanced for some ‘conservatives’ to fathom right now, unfortunately for Israel- actually- but partially on itself, that deficit that is being built in Israel, by some (no all) ‘conservatives’.

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  3. if it were me i would take that as a threat of bodily harm.
    my response would be throw the pig in your worst prison
    then bulldoze 2 mosques and all his family's pig styes.
    then deport all of them except the head pig. him let rot
    in an undisclosed location.
    if they riot which they will bulldoze more mosques starting
    with the main one which would be the first one to go actualy

  4. If only Israel had listened to the Great Rabbi Meir Kahane who wanted all these filthy animals, these scum of the earth arabs driven out of Israel, the trouble these sand s cause would not be happening. All Jews in Israel should be armed and there must be zero tolerance for arab trouble makers. Any arab causing trouble should be shot on sight. I would love to see thousands of armed Jews storm the Temple Mount and destroy that filthy sewer called the dome of the rock. Turn it into a pile of rubble.

  5. Cody Flecker – He paid in 400 sliver sheqalim, cash money. That is more than you have in today's value in all of your possession, most likely. And the reason for the commotion is called jealousy and hatred. Arab armies invaded here in the seventh century and they think that this fact makes them the owners of everything they see. That is theft.

  6. Hamas forgets that all these Muslim "holy sights were Jewish holy sites long before there were any Muslims. The Temple Mount, The Western Wall and Hebron were all Jewish long before there was any such thing as
    a Muslim and have always been Jewish. Should Hamas begin to wage a terrorist war on Netanyahu over his visit, then Netanyahu would be within his rights to wipe out Hanas once and for all!

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